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1,200-Calorie Meal Plan for Diabetics

Being a diabetic forces you into a certain lifestyle in regards to your dietary habits. What diabetes doesn’t control, however, is your musculature. Even as a diabetic, it is still completely possible to develop six pack abs and gain muscle. A 1,200-calorie diabetic meal plan can be incorporated into a weekly eating schedule for long-term health and body development.

What to Eat and not Eat

Believe it or not, a diabetic diet is not that different from the type of diet I follow and recommend to others. Basically, diabetics should consume healthy and natural foods high in protein and moderate in carbs and fats. Diabetics especially need to be careful when consuming carbs. It is essential that they stick to complex carbs, such as whole grains and wheats. They should try to avoid refined carbs as much as possible. Diabetic or not, though, refined carbs should be greatly limited anyways, so this isn’t a major restriction. Fruits, however, are acceptable as long as you keep track of the carb count.

What’s the Ratio?

3535032264_973c9f5d1c_m (1)This is something you will need to speak to your doctor with since no two diabetics respond to insulin the exact same way. It all comes down to your carb-to-insulin ratio. Generally, adults can safely consume up to 15 grams of carbs for every unit of fast-acting insulin taken. This doesn’t take into account, however, the amount of insulin produced naturally by the body, since even type II diabetics are still able to produce some insulin.

You can follow this chart that calculates the amount of carbs you can consume based on the number of shots taken per day.

What About Cheat Days?

Yes, diabetics can still have cheat days, though they will need to be a little more mindful of what they eat. Contrary to popular belief, having diabetes doesn’t mean you can never enjoy an occasional treat. By all means, have a cookie or a serving of pie; just be sure the carb count stays within your limit.


Here are two students of mine that are dedicated to eating the right way to get to the best versions of their selves.

Remember Supplements can help, but they are only meant to be a supplements. Most of my students take Tea Rexx to support their weight loss goals and using Rebellion to give them the edge while working out.

Sample Meal Plan

As with any other diet for fat loss, you should not consume the same amount of calories every day. The following 1,200-calorie meal plan can be followed 3-5 times a week for women and 1-2 times a week for men.

7:00 am breakfast 1 cup milk, 1 fruit, 1 hard-boiled egg 300 calories
9:30 am ½ cup nuts 150 calories
12:30 pm lunch Chicken breast, salad with olive oil dressing 250 calories
3:00 pm sugar-free yogurt 150 calories
6:30 pm dinner Lean steak on whole wheat tortilla 250 calories
9:00 pm 1 cup milk 100 calories

Feel free to make adjustments as needed to ensure the carb count stays within your limit. Also keep in mind that foods high in protein and fat, such as milk and nuts, contain carbs as well, so be sure to count the carbs from those sources. In addition, I can also craft a customized meal plan suited towards diabetics.

Don’t Let Diabetes Get in the Way of Your Dream Body

Following a healthy diet like the 1,200-calorie diabetic meal plan outlined above is all the more crucial if your body doesn’t produce sufficient insulin. In no way, however, does it inhibit your ability to gain lean mass and lose fat. As long as you follow dietary guidelines laid out by your doctor and put in a wholehearted effort in the gym, you will see just as much of a body transformation as anyone else.

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