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3 Books That Will Make You Stronger (Part 14)

Today were building not just a physical six pack, but a six pack for the mind. The video below has my three most recommended books available for today.

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This book really helped me improve my public speaking. It also let me know how important telling stories was to certain people. Humans conversed and spread rules and morals through story telling for thousands of years so that is how we are best conditioned to learn. This book is probably my favorite of the three.


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This book demonstrates the helpfulness and importance of keeping a checklist in order to get shit done. He talks about how modern technology and ability has exceeded the average human's intelligence. He goes through and talks about how something as simple as the checklist can help us so much in this modern time..



This book is actually based on a false character and story. You guys know I don't recommend fiction but this story is actually pretty funny and has some good business advice in there. Its a little over the top but its definitely a good business read..

That's my top three recommended books ! You need to build a six pack for your mind as well as your muscles if you want to truly develop yourself into a well rounded bad ass..