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3 reasons I hate Disney Land

So, I'm in Florida this weekend and I just remembered..

I Hate Disney Land.

I know, it's the "most magical place on Earth." But, sh*t..

If I get in touch with some old friends from the past I could be in a magical place within the hour (if you know what I mean).

Look, just hear me out..

First of all, it's too much of a fantasy world. All this "happily ever after" bullsh*t messes with the children. Youngsters start to believe that real life is like a fairy tale and everything will turn out amazing in the end. But, they grow old, only to be crushed by the true hardships of life..

Second, these fools in costumes always want to hug you and sh*t. I don't like hugs bro.

Last, a bunch of Disney's stories and characters are just sugar-coated versions of tales told by The Brother's Grimm.

If you didn't know, "The Brother's Grimm" were two brothers who wrote "children stories" but were constantly hated on because their stories were not deemed suitable for kids.

For example, you know Cinderella, right?

Well, in the original version, the glass slippers weren't just given to her, she had to break her toes to fit into them. Oh, and her step-sisters? Their eyes were pecked out and blinded by Cinderella's birds..

I know, that's some hardcore sh*t. The Brother's Grimm were a couple of gangstas..

So yeah, no Disney Land for me. Instead I'm trying to read all these damn books BuckBooks just gave away. There are 30 of them and I don't think I can get through all of them by the weekend 😔

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Ya boy,
Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC

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