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7 Mistakes When Picking a Fat Burner Supplement

You want to make sure that the fat burner product you choose is both safe and effective. Here are 7 common mistakes I see when looking for and buying a fat burner supplement.

Acquiring six-pack abs doesn’t come without invested time, sweat, and dedication. That’s just the cold and blunt truth.

Fat loss supplements are by no means a shortcut, and if you believe you can ease up on your cardio and diet because you just purchased the latest fat loss supplement with some new super ingredient, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

With that said, though, a fat burner certainly has a place among your supplementation. You have to be smart in your selection and pick a fat burner based on scientific studies and your individual needs. Too many people get overly eager and buy whatever supplement happens to be the newest release.

Here are 7 mistakes that are all too common when selecting a fat burner to add among your supplement stack.

Mistake #1: Selecting a Fat Burner With Unproven Ingredients

This applies to any supplement but especially with fat burners.

Here’s the fact about the supplement industry: its main goal is profit, and to continuously make more money, they have to continuously release new products. To pique interest in a new supplement, it has to contain some novel ingredient or formula.

If you keep up with bodybuilding news, there is practically a new fat burner released every few months, each claiming to be superior than its predecessors because of some newly discovered ingredient.

The ingredient in question is then given a lengthy report that encompasses the next four to five pages in a fitness magazine.

This includes text with a lot of scientific jargon, photos of the supposed scientists behind the research, and charts illustrating how effective the ingredient is compared to a placebo or conventional ingredients.

Here’s the deal with these supposed “breakthrough” ingredients; most of them are based on very little research, and often the research is flawed in some way, such as not having a large enough sample, not being double blind, not accounting for pre-existing conditions like current health, etc.

There should be multiple studies available that can be found in scientific journals. Company-funded studies do not constitute a reliable and independent study.

Stick With Tried and Proven Ingredients.

This isn’t to say you should automatically discount new ingredients. It’s just to say you should wait for more research to come out. Until then, stick with ingredients that have withstood the test of time and have multiple, independent scientific sources backing it up.

Green tea, for example, has numerous sources verifying its effects as an effective fat loss booster. Here is one study from Denmark that proves the thermogenic effects of green tea due to its caffeine and catechins content, each of which has a sleuth of studies of their own.

An independent clinical study in the fat loss benefits of caffeine can be found here, while this study verifies the validity of catechins as a weight loss aid.

Mistake #2: Not Choosing a Fat Burner That Is Right for Your Specific Needs

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Fat burners work via multiple mechanisms, such as:

  • Raising thermogenesis
  • Suppressing appetite
  • Blocking the absorption of carbs
  • Blocking the absorption of fat
  • Inhibiting the production of cortisol

You have to select a product that is fitting for where you’re currently at in your fat loss goals.

Does your plan include regular intermittent fasting? If so, then a fat burner with appetite suppressing ingredients may be helpful for managing hunger.

Likewise, if you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which is often associated with a low basal metabolic rate, then a thermogenic product could help boost your metabolism.

By the same token, if you’re at risk for diabetes, then a carb blocker may be out of the question since taking such a product may lower blood sugar levels and put you at greater risk for developing the disease.

Most fat burners like Tea Rexx utilize more than one pathway for helping you lose fat and keeping it off. Always know which pathway(s) the specific fat burner utilizes rather than just buying a product because it’s labeled as a weight loss supplement.

On a side note, it should also be pointed out that there are also fat burners that help you lose weight by extracting water from your body cells.

Keep in mind that these are designed for temporary results, such as if you’re cutting weight for a sports game or competition. These are not fat burners in the truest sense since the water weight will return within a few hours once you had a few glasses of water.

With this in mind, if you’re trying to lose fat, then any product that works by shuttling water out of your body is a diuretic and not a weight loss supplement.

Mistake #3: Choosing a Fat Burner Based on Its Proprietary Blend


It seems like every new supplement released has its own company-specific proprietary blend. The proprietary blend is often marketed as being the X-factor that makes the product a cut above the rest.

While the ingredients making up the blend are usually listed, the dosage of each ingredient is not disclosed. The manufacturer will tell you that this is done to prevent smaller companies from copycatting and releasing its own knockoff product.

While there may be some truth to this, the primary reason is so that it can list the total dosage of all the ingredients combined as opposed to listing the dosage of each ingredient separately.

It all comes down to a production cost issue. Usually, one or two of the ingredients in the blend is more expensive to acquire, so they’ll use a smaller dosage even if it’s below the recommended serving.

This is not to say that proprietary blends should automatically be discounted, but they should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. A legitimate company shouldn’t have any qualms about disclosing the dosage amount of its products.

Nowadays, most supplements don’t even list proprietary blends as such, instead opting to give it a cool sounding name, such as Enhanced Thermogenic-Matrix Complex, or something along those lines.

Some proprietary blends even contain a blend of multiple sub-propriety complexes. Other times, the blend is so extensive that the label actually refers you to the company website for the full list of ingredients that make up the proprietary blend.

All these blends within a bigger proprietary blend do not make for a better product. It’s just a gimmicky way of making the product seem sophisticated and revolutionary.

With Tea Rexx, every ingredient and its respective amount is listed, so users know exactly what they are getting with each serving..

Mistake #4: Getting a Fat Burner with too Few or too Many Ingredients

Fat burners should contain just the right number of ingredients. There’s no magical number, but you don’t want a product that only has one or two ingredients.

Conversely, you don’t want a supplement with an ingredients section that reads like a lengthy laundry list.

Some fat burners come with a fancy packaging but really only has a single ingredient, such as caffeine. In this instance, you might as well stick to coffee.

On the other hand, when a supplement has excess ingredients, the majority of them are usually fillers and preservatives to prolong the powder’s shelf life. More is not always better, and those extras may mean a smaller dosage of the main ingredients that really count.

The best fat burners typically have ingredients which have all been scientifically proven and not thrown in simply for padding its ingredients list. With Tea Rexx, every ingredient has some beneficial aspect with respects to fat loss.

Among the ingredients include well-known herbs like rhodiola rosea, which has been proven in clinical studies as a fat loss booster and stress reliever. The latter benefit also aids in weight loss indirectly as stress is known for creating a cortisol hormone spike. Subcutaneous fat gain is a common symptom of excess cortisol.

Mistake #5: Opting for a Fat Burner That Is Sold as Part of a Supplement Stack

Jars with different food supplements

Most supplement sites offer supplement packages. This often consists of a stack with a product combination like whey protein, creatine, a NO product, and a fat burner.

The products are often all from the same brand, and buying the stack is often cheaper than if you were to buy each product separately.

If you purchase supplements packaged together as a stack, be sure the accompanying fat burner (or any of the other products for that matter) is right for your specific needs.

Selecting the right fat burner for your specific goal or body type was already touched upon in mistake #2. Don’t stick with a product simply because you purchased it as part of a supplement stack to save money.

Mistake #6: Picking the Cheapest Fat Burner on the Shelf

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I can understand wanting to save money on supplements, but you do need to research the company to be sure the brand does not have a shady history of unethical practices.

Case in point is the multi-vitamin industry, which suffered a major black eye back in 2011 when a laboratory study revealed that eight of the 38 multi-vitamin products tested contained far below the dosage listed on the label.

Another two actually contained more than was listed on its label, which is just as bad because it puts the consumer at risk of overdosing.

The majority of the vitamins with inaccurate labelling was actually from generic and store brands.

This isn’t to paint all generic supplement brands in a broad brush, but it definitely shows that you have to actively scout for unbiased product reviews. A site like Consumer Lab is a good place to start.

This also doesn’t mean that you should automatically gravitate towards more well-known (and Pricier) brands. It is unnecessary to pay extra for a leading brand. The extra cost is hardly ever due to superior ingredients; it’s almost always due to the heavy advertisements and endorsements.

Mistake #7: Trying to Acquire the Ingredients Soley From Whole Foods


In an effort to save money, some people may ditch a fat burning supplement altogether and try to acquire their daily intake of common fat loss ingredients from food.

It’s true that nutrients from whole foods are typically better (but not always) than the nutrient derived in pill or powder form.

However, this solution may not always be practical.

Take creatine, for example; this organic acid is found naturally in foods like fish and red meat. However, you would have to ingest about 500g of meat/fish a day to get the amount of creatine you would get from a single scoop of creatine in supplement form.

The same goes for a lot of the ingredients found in a fat burner. Tea Rexx contains raspberry ketones, another ingredient heralded for its fat loss benefits.

As you can probably guess, raspberry ketones can be found in raspberries as well as in other fruits. Here’s the problem, though: you would have to consume roughly 90 pounds of raspberries a day to get the amount of ketones you would from a single serving of a ketone supplement.

With this in mind, it’s obvious why not all ingredients can be acquired in the optimal dosages from food alone.

Make an Informed Decision

If you read up to this point, then more than likely you’re trying to shape up. A fat burner will help you reach your ideal weight provided you don’t take your foot off the pedal with respects to your dieting and workouts.

For the best results, though, you need a supplement that uses the right combination of proven ingredients delivered in the right dosages.

Tea Rexx fits this bill perfectly, which is why it’s among the few fat burners out there that deserves your full attention and consideration if you’re looking to add a weight loss supplement to your fitness plan..