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8 Benefits of Using a Fat Burner Supplement

Fat burners give you the ability to maximize your weight loss potential. Here are 8 benefits of using a fat burner supplement.

The minute you make an unwavering commitment to whip your body back into shape marks the beginning of a whole new you. The road isn’t going to be easy, though. There will be many moments of eating bland foods and digging deep to get through a vomit-inducing workout.

While there is no way around this, including of a fat burning supplement does give you an added boost and help shed the last few pounds that are resisting every effort to come off.

Another thing about fat burners is that they contain a host of other benefits besides helping you achieve body fat percentages in the single digit range.

Benefit #1: Fat Burners Help You Break Out of a Plateau

Young woman dissapointed on a medical weight scale.

Hitting a plateau is virtually guaranteed and just about everyone who aspires to build muscle or lose fat has experienced it at one point or another.

When it comes to fat loss specifically, you will usually see immediate results within the first two to four weeks before the results begin to taper down and you hit the plateau. At this point, your regimen only serves to help you maintain the results you already acquired.

While body fat percentages differ depending on factors like gender, age, and genetics, every person has a natural “comfort zone” that their body likes to remain in.

For the average male, the body has body fat levels in the comfort zone of around 12-20%. If they manage to break out of the plateau and get to about 8% (a very impressive feat), then they will usually hit another plateau and have to continue to tweak their fitness plan if they hope to reach the single digit percentages.

For females – who naturally carry more body fat than their male counterparts – the body’s comfort zone is usually around 21% to 24% and 14% to 17%.

Plateaus are a challenge to break out of, but they can be done with modifications to your lifestyle, such as adding an additional day of HIIT cardio, cutting out more calories, and incorporating intermittent fasting.

The other solution is to add a fat burner to your supplementation. Most contain ingredients like caffeine or green tea, both of which are known for their energy enhancing and thermogenic effects.

This should help elevate your metabolism just a little bit more and beyond what you’re able to do through exercise and dieting alone.

Benefit #2: Fat Burners Help You Lose Fat Directly and Indirectly

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The main way the body puts on fat is by taking in more calories than it burns off. Factors like the amount of food you eat and lack of physical activity are the prime contributors of weight gain.

However, there are other conditions that cause the body to store fat in a more indirect manner. One such condition is stress, which is known to stimulate the hypothalamus and trigger the release of cortisol.

Too much cortisol is known for increasing belly fat and also makes you crave sugar, thereby causing you to eat more of the foods you shouldn’t be eating outside of your cheat day.

Most fat burners help you lose fat directly by raising your metabolism; it also helps indirectly. Tea Rexx, specifically, contains green tea extract as a primary ingredient. Green tea herbs have been shown in this study to reduce psychological stress by up to 20%!

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 77% of Americans reported experiencing physical symptoms associated with stress. While discussing stress may appear to be veering off topic, it really isn’t because more studies are connecting the dots between stress and weight gain.

Supplementing with a fat burner will certainly alleviate some anxiety, but you also need to be sure to take better care of yourself to promote a sense of well-being.

More studies are linking mental and emotional health to physical ailments like diabetes and heart disease; it’s really not just donuts and bacon cheeseburgers that lead to weight gain and preventable diseases.

Benefit #3: It Supercharges You

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Fat burners also have a secondary benefit as an energy booster. Given that caffeine is often a primary ingredients, it’s only natural that each serving gives you a jolt of energy that’s not later accompanied by a crash.

Fat burners like Tea Rexx also contain additional ingredients, such as yerba mate, which is also known for containing caffeine along with theobromine, a much lesser-known but equally powerful stimulant.

Since most fat burners are taken two to three times a day, this means you get a timed dose of energy to keep you alert throughout the day. This means no more of the dreaded 2:30 slump at work or the fatigue in the late afternoon that makes you question going to the gym.

If you take both a pre-workout formula and a fat burner, then be sure the total caffeine dosage does not exceed around 400mg. Taking both is enough to provide ample energy to get you through an entire day.

To ensure you don’t go over the daily dosage, keep caffeinated beverages like coffee to a minimum.

Bear in mind that caffeine is also in foods that you may not normally expect to contain the stimulant. This includes coffee and chocolate flavored foods, and even decaffeinated drinks, which surprisingly, isn’t always 100% caffeine-free.

Benefit #4: It Helps You Get a Good Night Sleep

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It kind of seems contradictory that a fat burner would promote sleep given that it contains stimulants like caffeine. Green tea, though, has actually been proven in a study in Japan to stimulate the release of L-theanine.

This amino acid is believed to promote a sense of calm and fostering a relaxed state. Subjects who consumed green tea reported improved sleep quality, less nightmares, and better mental clarity before going to bed.

Ginseng is another herb that has long been used in China as a sedative and proven in this study to improve sleep quality in sleep-disturbed subjects. This is why I included both green tea and ginseng in Tea Rexx..

Like stress, lack of sleep or poor sleep quality has been shown in studies to cause weight gain. The research revealed that those who sleep less also tend to eat more.

Sleep deprivation also slows metabolism, which the body does to conserve energy. When the body thinks it needs more energy, it releases cortisol, a hormone that increases appetite.

On top of that, a sleep-deprived body also releases more ghrelin, another hormone notorious for increasing hunger. The body also produces less leptin, which signals your body that it’s full.

Also, the body actually burns the majority of calories while it’s in deep REM sleep. Less sleep means less time spent in REM.

Less sleep is also associated with a number of other health problems, all of which themselves may also have an indirect effect on your weight.

Lack of sleep causes fatigue, which in turn diminishes physical performance in the gym. Little sleep also weakens the immune system; a body that’s less than fully healthy cannot optimally burn fat or build muscle.

A good fat burner has an ingredient or two known for helping you get in your nighttime Zs, something that more people are getting increasingly less of due to a hectic lifestyle that demands more of their waking hours.

The ingredients mentioned are also all-natural and nothing like synthetic sleeping pills that carries a host of side effects.

Due to the caffeine content, refrain from taking a fat burner before bedtime. The last dosage should be in the late afternoon or early evening.

Even if you are unable to get the optimal eight hours of shuteye, try not to go below five hours as a Harvard Medical School study showed that subjects that consistently slept for five hours or less elevated their risk of death from all causes by 15%.

If you need more sleep, consider taking mini power naps of about 10-20 minutes.

Benefit #5: Fat Burners Are Chockful of Antioxidants

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Fat burners also deliver an abundant dose of antioxidants for boosting overall health. This should not be overlooked because fitness should be about general health just as much as it is about acquiring chiseled abs.

Luckily, supplements like Tea Rexx contain natural ingredients that have long been used as medicinal herbs. Recent research also hints that antioxidants may play a vital role in fat loss.

Green tea is especially known for a class of antioxidants known as polyphenols critical for fighting harmful free radicals. Some polyphenols are also believed to stimulate the production of an enzyme called activated protein kinase (AMPK). This enzyme is vital for helping your body maintain a high metabolism by regulating sugar use.

Aside from green tea, green coffee bean extract is another potent source of antioxidants. Green coffee bean differs from traditional black coffee as the former contains high concentrations of chlorogenic acid.

Among its many benefits, chlorogenic acid is known for stabilizing blood sugar levels. It’s also believed to aid in the metabolism of glucose and reducing the absorption of carbohydrates, thus reducing sudden insulin spikes that can lead to diabetes.

Best of all, for weight loss seekers, chlorogenic acid may also aid in fat loss. Studies suggest that the antioxidant aids in the production of the hormone adiponectin, which is known for assisting in fat loss and preventing the storage of fat in the liver.

Bear in mind that Chlorogenic acid can only be obtained from green coffee bean extract in supplement form. Green coffee bean as a drink contains very little of the antioxidant due to most of the compound being destroyed when the beans are roasted.

 Benefit #6: Fat Burners Increase Physical Output


To see results and break through plateaus, you have to train to the max with respects to both cardio and strength training. Training to semi-failure will only yield semi-results; semi-results do not yield ripped abs.

Of course, reaching absolute failure is easier said than done. This is another area where a fat burner may come in handy.

Caffeine has been shown in studies to increase performance in short-term, high-intensity exercise. Research also suggested that the performance-enhancing benefits of caffeine are amplified when consumed in an anhydrous (pill or powder form) state as opposed to the variety found in coffee.

With Tea Rexx, you don’t just get a caffeine kick. You also get a dose of multiple herbal extracts. One such herb is rhodiola rosea, which, like caffeine, has also been demonstrated in studies to improve performance during exercise.

If training short of failure was enough for achieving great results, then much more people would be sporting a six-pack. To help you achieve peak performance every time you hit the weight room or perform HIIT cardio, take a fat burner. It just might help you push yourself to a new level.

Benefit #7: Fat Burners Increase Testosterone

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Fat burners are designed for trimming down and definitely not intended for building muscle mass. However, muscle gains may very well be among the many secondary benefits.

Some of the ingredients commonly found in fat loss supplements are known for increasing free testosterone levels. Such as is the case with ginseng, found in many weight loss and energy products.

Ginseng, as it turns out, is a known testosterone booster as proven in this study. The herb is believed to stimulate the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for producing sex hormones.

For men especially, a high testosterone count is important not just for maintaining muscle mass but also for keeping fat levels in check. There is a strong correlation between testosterone deficiency and obesity.

Those prescribed testosterone replacement therapy have also reported fat loss. Furthermore, this study backs up the claims of testosterone as an essential component of weight loss.

For women, the thoughts of elevated testosterone may be concerning since most prefer to lose fat while keeping muscle gain to a minimum.

Really, there is no need to worry since females do not naturally produce testosterone at the rate men do. Even if their testosterone levels do increase slightly, that’s actually a good thing as a bit of muscle gain, say, 5lbs, is beneficial because it increases body definition and aids in fat loss.

Benefit #8: Fat Burners Suppress Appetite

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Cutting back on calories is a staple part of any fat loss program. Of course, with calorie restriction comes hunger. This is actually the part where most people drop the ball.

When the hunger becomes too much, not only do they abandon their fitness regimen but they often end up eating more and putting on more weight. The end result is the yo-yo dieting effect where the weight that was successfully loss is gained back and then some.

Tips like drinking more water, chewing gum, and allowing yourself a cheat day certainly helps, but it doesn’t always quell the demands of an empty belly growling at you for not feeding it.

If you’re on a calorie-restricted diet, then a fat burner can help as some of the ingredients are known for suppressing appetite.

Green tea extract is taken as a common appetite suppressant. Caffeine is also known for controlling appetite, as is the amino acid L-carnitine.

Consumption of coffee, in fact, is a nifty trick if you are prone to overeating during meals. It’s also recommended that you take a fat burner or consume pure black coffee if you regularly fast. This will help maintain your concentration levels so you’re able to focus rather than thinking about food.

Taking a Fat Burner Will Benefit You in More Ways Than One


Acquiring six-pack abs is no easy endeavor, this is why you have to be really dedicated and motivated to take on the demanding steps required in a fat loss plan.

A fat burner won’t work like a magic pill, but it can help make the process easier.

Supplement with a product like Tea Rexx may just be what you need to give you that added boost in fat loss..

Entrust that it will help you reach your ideal body fat levels provided that you hold up your end of the bargain by maintaining an optimal diet and workout regimen..