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Ab Workout Equipment for a Killer Midsection

As most of you already know, I am no fan of ab exercises performed at an extremely high rep range. I believe it’s a waste of time doing sit-ups for 1,000 reps when you can effectively strengthen your abs doing a more advanced exercise for about 10 reps or so. The good news is you don’t need expensive and bulky equipment to get a killer midsection training. All you need are some inexpensive ab workout equipment that you can find at your local sports and fitness store. Below is my list of recommended items for getting in an intense workout that will absolutely scorch your abs.

Ab Wheel

An ab wheel only costs about $10 and allows you to get in a killer ab exercise without lying on your back. For more advanced folks, the basic repetition performed on your knees may be almost as easy as a sit-up. If so, then you can increase difficulty by executing the exercise from a standing position.

Note: Most ab wheels actually come with two wheels placed side by side. Another way to increase difficulty is to remove one of the wheels. Using only one wheel slightly increases the difficulty as you have to use your ab muscles to keep the wheel from tipping over.

Power Wheel

This is similar to the ab wheel except the wheel is strapped to your feet. Essentially, you’ll be performing the exercise by rolling out with your legs as opposed to your hands. A rollout performed this way is a lot more challenging as it requires your stabilizer muscles to really tighten to maintain balance. The power wheel is a little more expensive, but it’s a great investment if you no longer feel challenged using a conventional ab wheel.

Pushup Bars

Yes, pushup bars are for, well, pushups. However, there are other ways to make good use of these versatile handles. There are a few isometric exercises you can do that target the abs. One such exercise is the planche in the upright position. To execute the movement, sit on the floor with the bars at your side. Grip them and push your butt off the floor with your legs straight and parallel with the floor. Hold the position for as long as you can.

If you want to be a total badass, then practice the regular planche, which is done in the pushup position with the legs off the floor and in the air. Basically, your abs will be doing all the work to keep the legs airborne. This movement is a true feat of ab strength and usually takes several months of training in progressive stages.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands add difficulty to various body callisthenic exercises. They are great for targeting your obliques, the part of the abdominals that are almost always overlooked. While most ab exercises do recruit obliques as a secondary muscle, resistance bands allow you to perform the oblique twist exercise that targets the muscle directly. To do the exercise, secure the center of the band to a pole of doorknob. Holding the handles with your arms out, twist away from the center of the pole or door as if you were swinging a baseball bat. When you can whip out 10 reps with ease, transition to thicker bands or use more than one band.

That’s All You Need


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