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Brandon Carter | Start Here


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Who is Brandon Carter?

[/vccolumntext][vccolumntext]Brandon Carter has been a certified personal trainer and nutritionist for 10+ years. He has worked as a fitness model for Nike, Puma, Adidas, Men’s Health, and many other top brands. Brandon has trained a number of well-known professional athletes and models...not to mention thousands of others through his various social media outlets. His YouTube and Facebook pages have a combined following of over 2 million people.

Brandon is the author of, “Ultimate Cuts: 7 Secrets To Burn Fast As Hell”, an Amazon Best Seller. The success of this book has further cemented Brandon’s reputation as an authority in the fitness world.

Brandon works full time as CEO of Bro Laboratories - producers of top notch supplements and other tools that help people achieve their fitness goals.

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Get Real Results

[/vccolumntext][vccolumntext]Those that have followed the various programs and advice that Brandon's videos and information content contain have graciously gone out of their way to submit pictures and videos of their own transformations inspired by Brandon. This has been like rocket fuel for Brandon as he keeps pushing to reach more people and help other's improve their lives both mentally and physically.[/vccolumntext][vcrowinner][vccolumninner width="1/2"][vcbtn title="Join the Victory Unit" style="flat" shape="square" color="chino"][/vccolumninner][/vcrowinner][/vccolumn][/vcrow][vcrow][vccolumn][vcimagescarousel slidesperview="4" partialview="yes"][/vccolumn][/vcrow][vcrow fullwidth="stretchrowcontentnospaces" parallax="content-moving" parallaximage="4" elclass=".row"][vccolumn][/vccolumn][/vc_row]