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All About the Ginseng Root and Its Potent Properties

The Ginseng root is an amazing root that has a plethora of benefits for losing weight and overall health. This article will teach you all about the Ginseng root and why you should supplement with it

When you think about ginseng, the image of an oddly shaped root often comes to mind. Even lots of foods today, not to mention energy drinks and herbal extracts come in a ginseng flavor.

Despite its popularity, very few people know about ginseng's proven benefits. Sure, many people instantly recognize the flavor, but hardly anyone takes the time to learn why ginseng is such a revered health tonic in most Asian countries.

All About Ginseng and Its Benefits

There are 11 known varieties of ginseng, though the qualities and nutritional value are more or less similar, so no need to discuss each variety at length and turn this post into a research paper.

The two most common varieties are Korean and American ginseng, though even between these two, the nutritional makeup isn’t really that different.

Some herbalists may prescribe a certain variety to treat a specific illness, though for the general benefits that will be discussed, there is no need to lose sleep over which variety is best or superior above all others.

But enough about that, let's get into the actual benefits of supplementing with ginseng!

Ginseng for Weight Loss

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Since you're following my stuff, I assume that you’re striving for a better body. Well, ginseng is a proven fat loss aid and has been validated by science. It was discovered that the root contains a compound known as ginsenoside Rg3, which is believed to inhibit adipose tissue’s ability to store energy as fat.

Read more about the anti-obesity properties of ginseng here.

Ginseng Wakes You Up

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This study verifies the effects of ginseng as a natural stimulant. Cancer patients that supplemented with ginseng reported feeling less fatigued and had more energy levels to help them get through the day after undergoing chemotherapy.

When combined with other natural stimulants like caffeine, this can create a whole new level of energy not possible through either stimulant alone.

Ginseng Is Food for the Brain

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Aside from a physical boost, ginseng may also help enhance cognitive performance. This has also been researched extensively with multiple studies backing up the claims.

With that in mind, consume a cup of ginseng tea or even mix it in with your coffee. Since caffeine has also been shown to have cognitive benefits, the combination of the two may supercharge your mind, a definite plus for long study periods or working long shifts.

Tea Rexx includes both of these ingredients because of their supercharged combination!

Ginseng Increases Libido

Last but not least, ginseng may also prove to be a valuable booster for enhancing bedroom performance. This study demonstrates the value of ginseng for treating sexual dysfunction.

This is something many men suffer from especially as they get older and naturally begin to see a decline in natural testosterone production. Growth hormones have a direct correlation with sperm count.

Where to Get Ginseng

Most ginseng products sold today come in grinded and powder form. Some places even sell whole ginseng root, which can be quite pricey. The most efficient way of acquiring ginseng is through supplementation, such as is found in Tea Rexx.

It should also be noted that many supplements or foods that contain ginseng flavor do not actually contain real ginseng. The flavor is derived artificially and has zero traces of the actual root extract. Also be wary of ginseng products that contain a laundry list of other ingredients that are really nothing more than useless fillers.

As far as eating a ginseng root whole, sure, you can do that, but it’s not going to be pleasant. It’s best for use as a flavoring for tea, soup, and a number of other cuisines. Even then, the root usually isn’t consumed directly.

Don't Confuse Ginseng With Ginger

A distinction should also be made between ginseng and ginger. Though the two may have a similar outer appearance and even similar texture, they come from two entirely different plants and serve entirely different functions.

The distinction is important because many people use the two terms interchangeably. Ginger has quite a few benefits of its own, and you may certainly supplement with it if you choose to do so, but be aware that it’s something different altogether.

Get the Benefits of Ginseng from Tea Rexx


Tea Rexx only uses proven ingredients and doesn’t hide behind shady proprietary blends. This is why ginseng is among the ingredients. The numerous independent studies and hundreds of years of use as a medicinal herb have given ginseng an undeniable and long-standing reputation as a superfood.

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