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Balls of steel.

Almost everyone is a P*ssy

Almost everyone is soft.

I am in my home town of Chicago right now.
This place is full of bada**es. let me explain.

During slavery, runaway slaves took the "Underground Railroad" from the South to Chicago.
Chicago was a center of antislavery activity and was the end point for many of the Underground Railroad routes.

White Chicago activists helped fugitives by providing lodging and transportation.

See, Chicago has a long proud history of saying "FUCK YOU" to the establishment.

We are descended from Blacks who refused to be held in bondage,
Whites who were willing to risk everything to do what's right,
and people from all other races who flocked here to live a better life!

That's why I so proud to bring the "Renegade Summit" WORLD TOUR to (my hometown) Chicago this weekend

Check out the footage from last week's event in L.A.


Something crazy happened right before the event last week and it almost ruined everything. Check it out.

P.S. The Chicago event this weekend is almost sold out, don't miss your chance to change your life!