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The Benefits of a Pre-Workout Formula for a Razor-Intense Training Session

Let me ask you a question: are you fully alert and motivated before EVERY strength training and HIIT cardio session? If you say yes, then you’re either lying or you have some amazing genes. I sure as hell don’t always feel motivated. In fact, more often than I would like to admit, I often feel fatigued before beginning a weight lifting session. This is typically the case on days where I do both HIIT and strength training. I normally do the former first thing in the morning and begin the latter first thing after work. I’m often pooped by the time I hit the weight room. It’s in scenarios like this that I rely on the benefits of a pre-workout formula like Rebellion.

Why a Pre-Workout Formula? (and Why Rebellion?)

preworkoutFrom my own experience, having a little “buzz” gives you a little more “spring” to your workout. Of course, cardio and strength training are 90% mental; nevertheless, it helps to have some extra energy reserve in your tank come gym time.

When it comes to pre-workout drinks, there are boatloads of them on the market, so how do you know which ones work and which ones are loaded with crappy and unnatural ingredients? It all goes back to the ingredients. Stick to the ones that have long been proven to work. Be naturally suspicious when it comes to “breakthrough” ingredients cultivated from some ultra-rare, exotic plant in the Amazon. If you read bodybuilding magazines, then you know supplement companies are notorious for introducing new ingredients that are marketed as being so potent that it makes all others obsolete. Often, these so-called ingredients have nonexistent or very sketchy scientific studies behind them.

This is why I recommend Rebellion; it doesn’t rely on such hype and uses tried-and-true ingredients that have solid scientific backing. Some of the ingredients included are basics like caffeine, creatine, and beta alanine just to list a few.

Caffeine is obviously a stimulant that gives you an immediate energy boost. Don’t believe it works? 54% of Americans consume some sort of caffeinated beverage on a daily basis; I’m sure they would beg to differ, or else they wouldn’t be consumers.

As long as you stay within the recommended daily dosage (no more than 400mg), caffeine is absolutely safe and also contains a bevy of health benefits besides keeping you alert.


The other Rebellion ingredient is creatine, which needs no introduction if you have ever dabbled in bodybuilding. Not only does creatine promote muscle cell volumization, but it also increases muscular output during intense anaerobic activity.

There are a few other proven ingredients, all of which I have gone into detail about in my previous posts. All you need to know is that taking Rebellion 30 minutes before workout amps you up and puts you “in the zone.”

Below is a student of mine who gained an edge by taking Rebellion & Tea Rexx.

It doesn’t mean you have to take supplements to get these results, but you can see the difference one month can make; it can help speed things up in a healthy way.

A Final Word

In a perfect world, the human body would be absolutely upbeat and pumped from the moment we get out of bed until it’s time to hit the sack. Of course, our body tends to betray us by often feeling lethargic when it’s time for a workout. This requires us to use our mind and willpower to force our body to drag its ass in the gym when we are so not up for it. This is why a beneficial pre-workout formula like Rebellion is needed at times to keep the physical body feeling vibrant and alive.

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