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Best Chest Workout Routine for Iron Pecs


The bench press is perhaps the most well known exercise performed by just about every gym rat.

The best chest workout routine should include bench presses in some variation or another.

Why the Bench Press Rocks

Bench presses are awesome for the simple reason that it's a compound exercise that targets multiple secondary muscles, including the deltoids and triceps. Doing bench presses to absolute failure is a sure-fire way to develop your upper body.

Note: Since you're training to absolute failure with each set, it is absolutely critical for safety purposes that you have a spotter on hand. If a spotter is not available, then stick to dumbbell presses.

Insider Chest Workout Secret

The bench press is one of the best chest exercises hands down. This doesn't mean, however, that you should eschew isolation exercises like dumbbell flys. In fact, you should include flys into every chest workout and do them BEFORE moving onto the bench press.

With bench presses, your shoulders and triceps often fail before your chest does, meaning that your pecs don't get the optimum stimulation. Since flys target the chest and only the chest, this allows you to pre-exhaust the muscle. When you move onto the bench press, your pecs will be forced to work harder because it is already fatigued.

This concept is explained in greater detail in my video below:


Chest Workout Sample

Peck deck or dumbbell flys 2 sets, each until failure
Bench/dumbbell press 2 sets, each until failure
Incline/decline bench/dumbbell press 2 sets, each until failure

It's not necessary to pre-exhaust the muscle at the beginning of every chest workout, but it's a good strategy to implement if you feel bench presses are working the secondary muscles more than the chest. The pre-exhaust principle is simply one of the best chest workout routine secrets for chiseled pecs.

What Else?

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