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Best Leg Workouts at Home

Add JUMP SQUATS to your HOME LEG WORKOUT Gain Muscle & burn fat Fast.

Jump Squats are a great way to build strength, speed, and power in your legs. The act of Jumping will also help you burn fat! If you play any sport, jump squats will help you jump higher and run faster!

Many people give their legs a weak workout at best or skip over them completely in favor of training their arms or chest more. This is a costly mistake to make. Not only does training legs help pack on lean mass it also helps keep of fat. When you do a heavy, intense leg workout your growth hormone spikes.

Thus creating an anabolic environment, which equals muscle growth throughout your whole body. Because you can add several pounds of muscle to your legs, this will help you keep weight off. Muscle mass takes calories to maintain, so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn, therefore keeping fat off.