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Best Six Pack Exercises Known to Common Man

I'm a pretty humble guy, but when it comes to my six pack, I don't know. I'm so proud of what these exercises have produced I want to show everybody.
The thing is I'm not Superman. I eat a good diet and get my exercise in each day, but more than anything it's this - I've been able to discover the best six pack exercises I think could possibly exist. You can't just put any group of crunches together and call them the best six pack exercises. That's just ridiculous.

insta7  The abs themselves, they're complicated. It's not like it's just one muscle. You know I talk about doing compound movements a lot because we only have so much time, and unless you're looking to be Mr. Olympia . . you don't really need to do 900 bicep curls to get kick ass biceps.
With the abs, to get a six pack you need a few things:

  • 1. Even if you have it you won't be able to see it until you really cut the fat. That takes diet and maybe some good cardio.
  • 2. You need exercises that hit all the abdominal muscles. Did you know there were upper abs and lower abs? Did you know that was true for obliques, too? Crunches are really only focused on one area. We need to hit 'em all, baby!
  • 3. Mindset. Abs don't happen overnight. The only reason I'm proud of mine is because I put in the work . . . and you can always be proud of work.

Here's what can happen when you do this right:
I get testimonials and success stories all the time from people who use my information (everything from Youtube videos to full programs) and get crazy results. In fact, I'm going to start featuring more of them on the site here. Here's a great one that just came in the other day - all from using this exact same information:


Not bad, eh?.

And here's another one:.


41 pounds lost in just 3 months.

On that note, I did something for you to help you if you want results like this...
I took all I know about getting a ripped stomach and put it into a single guide for you called The Simple Shredded Solution. Not because it's simple like you're going to be ripped tomorrow, but because the steps are simple.
Let's look at the steps and video of the best six pack exercises ever.


In this video I just want you to watch the side to side ass planks at :38 seconds. You know that planks are fantastic for strengthening your core muscles including the pelvic area, abdominals, chest, shoulder and arms.
Side to side Ass Planks add a twisting component which gives your lower obliques a workout as well. The key here is to keep your body as stiff and strong as possible. Don't let the momentum take over pushing you to the ground. Keep your ass up.


Starting at 3:58 we're looking at the V-up Toe Touch. This is two exercises in one. You've got your upper abs holding your torso off the ground and your lower abs holding your legs off the ground.
To do this exercise first lay supine on the floor or bench. Then . . .

  • 1. With your legs together lift your legs off the floor thirty degrees and hold them there.
  • 2. Once your legs are at their peak, lift your head/neck/torso off the ground and reach to touch your toes. Hold.
  • 3. Lower your torso, then lower your legs and repeat.


Spiderman Planks will eat you alive. You can see them in action at minute 2:02 in the video. But the basic idea is this.

  • Hold the plank position
  • Rotate Your body while raising your knee to your chest
  • Hold on as long as possible until the pain makes you cry out. Then you can give up knowing you did something awesome.

Beyond abs and core the Spiderman Plank is lats, shoulders and cardio. This is a total ab workout. After completing the previous two, this should really hurt.


The pain begins here at :41 seconds with hip raises. This is the fastest path to working your most upper abdominals.
First lie back on a mat or bench with your arms to the side. Lift your legs, bending your knees and pull your knees up to your chest. Then using your ab and core muscles lift your ass off the ground and extend your legs straight up into the air. Then lower your pelvis to the ground and roll your legs to the outstretched, yet hovering, position.


Start the video at :55 seconds and you'll see the last of these crazy six pack exercises. We don't really have a name for it other than Off Leg Toe Touch. And it's a bit difficult to describe, but if you can't watch the video then here it goes:

  • 1. Lie on your back with your knees up and your feet on the ground near your butt.
  • 2. Reach your left arm straight out behind you, parallel to the ground and the right leg forward.
  • 3. Using your right hand and left foot lift your body off the ground - keeping the other arm and leg extended.
  • 4. When you're at the peak of the push-up use your left hand and reach toward your right foot while you reach your extended right foot back toward your hand.

Without a doubt we have done hundreds of workouts and these are the best six pack exercises to get you ripped.

What's Next?

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