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The Best Triceps Exercise

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A common mistake people make when trying build there arms up is to concentrate on  biceps to much.

Your triceps are actually the bigger muscles in the upper arm. Focusing on triceps exercises that isolate the muscle, such as dips, narrow-grip bench presses and  triceps extensions, will lead to bigger gains.

Chair dips are great exercises for the triceps, and they work really well for all of us that like to work out at home. In The video below, I will show you some extreme  versions of Chair dips, as well as some basic ones.

Right now, you may be wandering "How many reps should I do?"  Work to failure!!!!!! 

To build muscle you need to fatigue the arms, forcing them to grow back bigger and stronger!

Also make sure you 'squeeze' the muscles at the top of every rep to really work them.

Here is some another triceps moves that I like A LOT!

Try both moves out next time you train your arm!!! Be sure to leave a comment about how they work for you, we would all love to hear about your success!! 

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