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21's Are the Best Workout for Biceps

I great way to shock your Biceps to make the grow faster is to try a technique called 21's. I know that I say NEVER COUNT REPS, but 21's are the best workout for biceps.

First you will need to pick a weight on a barbell, ez-curl, Dumbbells, or Resistances Bands that will be moderately challenging for you. Maybe about 70% of the weight you use for regular sets of 10. For example, being able to curl 110 pounds 10 times may require you to drop down to about 80 pounds for this particular exercise.

How To do 21's (see video below)

  • The exercise is best described as doing 3 exercises back to back, isolating different parts of you biceps.
  • The first movement you will be making is basically half of a curl. Have the bar at your waist and lift until your forearms are parallel to the floor, stop, lower the weight and repeat 7 times.
  • Without rest, after your 7th rep, start in the position that you ended with in the last movement (forearms parallel to the floor) and then bring the bar to your neck, back down to the starting position and back up to your neck for 7 reps. This movement is basically the top half of the typical curl whereas the previous step was the bottom half.
  • Now you have totaled 14 reps and your biceps should be on fire but its not over yet. To complete this exercise, finish it off with 7 more full motion curls to make the total 21 reps (Hence the name).

Doing the Curl Right

The key to any bicep exercise is proper movement. With abs there is a little leeway, you can do a crunch and twist your torso and you roll up. With biceps you are very limited.

The bicep is the muscle that lifts your forearm at the elbow joint. Therefore when you do the exercise the only thing that can move is the bicep joint. Once you rock your body back and forth, move the shoulder joint, curl your wrist, use your hips to start the momentum. . . you lose the bicep isolation.

So focus very hard on the elbow joint. Try to avoid any side-to-side movement and have it fluidly pull your forearm toward your shoulder. 21's are the best workout for biceps, but not if you do them wrong.

Stretch out the Biceps

Before you begin any workouts it's a good idea to get a good stretch in. For biceps there are some specific ones that focus entirely on that muscle.

I like the doorway/shelf/pole stretch.

Find an anchor point, like a doorway or pole and stand next to it an arm's length away. Then reach straight out with your arm parallel to the ground and grab that anchor with your thumb facing down . Then rotate your body away from your hand very slowly feeling the stretch in your bicep muscle.

Make sure to do this slowly. When we're injured we can't grow.

What Do We Do Next?

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