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Blast Away Fat With Intense Circuit Workouts

Circuit training is a great way to increase the intensity of your workouts. This post will show you how I like to implement circuit training into my routine.


Circuit training has long been used by athletes for boosting muscular endurance. It’s also a terrific muscle builder that will have you sweating like a pig and shedding the excess fat in no time.

Intense circuit workouts really aren’t a whole lot different than HIIT. Of course, in most of my HIIT videos, there is a 20-30 second rest between exercises.

With circuit training done my way, there is no rest in between sets other than the time it takes for you to transition from one exercise to the next.

Does Circuit Training Work?

According to this study, high-intensity circuit training utilizing bodyweight exercises raised metabolism and kept it elevated for 72 hours after workout.

It’s also believed this manner of training helps burn subcutaneous fat due to the elevated presence of growth hormones and catecholamines secreted during training.

In this study, circuit strength training was tested against traditional weight lifting. After eight weeks, the circuit training group made similar strength and muscle gains compared to the regular weight training group.

The former, however, experienced a greater average fat loss.

Sample Cardio Circuit Training

Burpees 45 seconds
Squat box jumps 45 seconds
Mountain climbers 45 seconds
Donkey kicks 45 seconds
Repeat cycle x2

The entire workout only takes nine minutes, but it is absolutely brutal since you are going nonstop for the whole duration.

If this is too challenging for you, then incorporate short rest periods between cycles. Try adding a 30 second rest period after each cycle.

If that’s still too much, then add 15-20 second rests between exercises. The end goal, though, is to be able to perform the entire workout with zero rest.

Sample Strength Circuit Training

Squats 5-6 reps
Deadlifts 5-6 reps
Bench Press 5-6 reps
Repeat cycle x3

This is a simple yet effective strength circuit training workout that makes good use of compound exercises.

Once again, if this workout is too challenging, then add brief resting periods in between cycles and/or exercises. You may also throw in an isolation exercise or two if you wish, but never use them as a replacement for the compound movements listed.

On a final note, you can also combine the sample strength and cardio circuit training into one workout.

IMG_8305As I have mentioned in previous posts, it is perfectly acceptable to perform HIIT immediately following your strength training.

You can do the same here by starting your cardio circuit training right after finishing the strength circuit workout. Just be aware that this is super intense and should be something that you ease into.

Add Circuit Training to Your Repertoire

Intense circuit workouts will show you the true meaning of a punishing workout. The good news, though, is that you will see results. You will also save time since the sessions are shorter due to the lack of rest time.

Due to the intense nature of such workouts, I recommend that you take a serving of Rebellion before beginning circuit training. .

All of the ingredients are scientifically proven, and will give you that extra push for when your body is in the brink of giving out.