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Yoga for Burning Calories and Achieving a Flat Waistline

Yoga is a great way to burn calories and improve mindfulness. Here is how you can implement it into your workout routine to lose more fat.

Lately, a lot of people have asked me about my opinion on yoga and whether it’s an effective training style for fat loss.

Here’s my simple answer: Any workout that burns lots of calories, raises your metabolism, and targets your fat stores is an effective regimen. Yoga actually meets all of those criteria.

Yoga Explained

There are a lot of misconceptions about yoga from people who never tried it. Some of the stuff I hear includes:

  • It’s for women; real men lift weights
  • It’s just stretching
  • It’s only for people who can bend their body into a pretzel

If you never tried it, then it’s a challenge that I would highly recommend you try because it’s a lot more difficult than most people realize.

After completing a few sessions, I quickly became hooked and now occasionally incorporate it into my routine when I feel like doing something besides HIIT.

Yes, Yoga Flattens Your Belly

If you’re in a fat loss phase, then I strongly recommend yoga. This goes for the guys just as much as for the women. There is evidence that proves there is some serious validity behind regular yoga practice.

In one study conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 1,500 subjects underwent a regular yoga routine at least once a week for four years. At the conclusion of the study, subjects lost an average of 5lbs. Now, a 5lb loss over a four year span may seem minuscule, but the study also discovered that subjects within the same age group that did not do yoga gained an average of 13.5lbs over that period. That’s nearly a 20lbs difference between the yoga and non-yoga group!

The man behind the research, Alan Kristal, also discovered that those who do yoga are more likely to practice mindful eating.

By mindful eating, this meant being aware of their bodily sensations as they ate and stopping the minute they felt full. It is believed that mindful eating is also directly connected to the weight loss experienced by the subjects.

Find a Yoga Practice Right for You

There are dozens of yoga variations. Personally, I don’t believe the style you choose matters so much as the work you put into it.

However, when it comes to recommendations, I happen to be a fan of acro yoga. As suggested in its name, the style combines elements of yoga and acrobatics and is best performed with a partner.

As you can see from my video, the workout requires a bit of core strength. Having performed isometrics in the past may prove to be a great help to prepare you for the movements required.

If this workout is too advanced for you, then here is a yoga workout more suitable for novices

Be Open to Different Training Modalities

I admit that I was a weight lifting purist and scoffed at the idea of yoga just a few years ago. However, as I evolve in my fitness foray, I quickly discovered that yoga as well as other ways of training are just as valid as hitting the weights.

This is why my posts often include various workout recommendations, such as kettlebell training, isometrics, and cardio boxing.

This is also why I created Bodyweight Blast because body calisthenics is another valid way of training for muscle gains and fat loss..

Make no mistake about it, yoga will help you burn massive calories because your body will be working extra hard to maintain certain poses and positions. The deep breathing that goes with it will certainly help as well because the extra oxygen intake has been shown to boost metabolism.

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