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Spend Time Burning Fat by Drinking Water

Burning fat by drinking water is one of the simplest methods to success. It must be too simple for most people - because few follow it.

In fact, most people don’t even know how much is “lots.” If you want to gain muscle weight and/or burn fast, it’s a priority for you to remain hydrated. Most people want you to tell them a number, like 16 ounces or 3 liters per day. But there is only one true way to determine how much water you need to drink . . .

**infographic courtest of water.usgs.gov

Water is vital for life, and only second in importance to oxygen. The human body cannot survive even a few days without water, while it can go for weeks without food.

Our bodies are 80 percent water. . .
our brains 85 percent . . .
lean muscle 70 percent

You lose water every day without yet knowing it. For instance, sweating drops 16 ounces of water per day, and you drop off another 16 ounces when you exhale during heavy exercise.

To achieve the effect of burning fat by drinking water then, you can't let yourself become dehydrated and immediately sabotage your own plan.

Studies show that a drop of 10 to 20 percent in muscle contraction can be caused by a mere drop of three to four percent in the body’s water level. Keep in mind that building muscle is all about lifting as much weight as you can, for as many repetitions as possible.

So you need to drink a lot of water if you want to maximize the potential of your workouts and gain muscle weight and burn fat fast. To gain muscle specifically, you have to drink a lot of water before working out to make sure that the 70 percent water content in your muscles is maintained.

When you’re working out, water also prevents injuries. Extra stress is put on your connective tissues and joins when you train at high intensities over long periods of time. Water helps prevent injures by cushioning and lubricating your joints.

The digestive process also cannot work without water. The mainstay of any diet designed to gain muscle weight fast is protein. It cannot, however, be straightaway absorbed by the body’s cells. To allow the cells to use it to help you gain muscle fast, protein needs to be broken down into its component amino acids. To be able to do this, your body needs water.

Water also helps to regulate your body’s temperature by keeping your skin moist through perspiration. Through urine, feces, sweat, and expired air, water also helps you remove unwanted waste products from the body. The cells must be working properly, must be able to take in nutrients and eliminate waste. That is their primary function. Your body can not begin burning fat until the cells are hydrated and working properly - thus drinking water is imperative.

So when you want to gain muscle weight fast and get ripped, its paramount to ensure that you get enough water. Eight to ten glasses of water every day is what we’ve all been told to drink. But when you want to gain muscle weight fast, is this enough? I don't think thats enough at all!

How do you know how much water to drink? To begin burning fat by drinking water shouldn't you know how many ounces you need per day? No.

You know you're drinking enough if your piss is clear. Your piss should be clear all the time (except 1st thing in the morning, and after you take your vitamins) . If your piss is clear you're drinking enough, if your piss is yellow, you need to step up your water intake!!! I drink about 6-8 LITERS of water a day!!!

If it's not clear the 2 - 3 hours after working out, you know you need more.

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