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Bust A Move!


My homie Chris "BEASTMODE" Jones sent me and the girls some sweet Pumpchaser gear to take photos with.

Check out how the dope photoshoot went down and my amazing dance moves (I usually NEVER dance on camera) in the new episode of EVERYDAY DOMINATION:


We started that shoot real early because there were a bunch of things that needed to get done..

After we finished up, I hopped on a call with my students in the "Bro Labs Accelerator." If you didn't know, it's a private group we have where we teach guys how to build online businesses. No, it is not released to the public yet (it will be one day, hopefully soon) and we are currently rocking with the BETA testers.

It's pretty cool because we were able to walk them through the whole process and they have officially got their businesses up and running. It was a five week program and yesterday was the end of it, but we decided to give them another 2 weeks worth of sessions because I want to make sure there is NO way for them to fail..

Yeah, I'm awesome.

Afterward, Brian and I left to go to an event at LIFETIME Fitness to workout and shoot some dope videos. It was pretty cool, I'd say I overhead-pressed like 15 girls lol.

And last but not least, to finish the day off, I went to mothafckin school.

The class is supposed to be an advanced course in digital marketing but so far, it's fcking bullsh*t -_-.Whatever, we'll see how it goes. Peace.

Ya Boy,

Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC

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