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Can Body Fat Turn Into Muscle? Will Muscle Turn To fat?

Everyday people ask me "Can I turn my body fat into muscle?" or "If I stop working out, will muscle turn to fat? The simple answer to both questions is NO!! Here are two of the most common fitness myths that refuses to go away.

Here is the thing, Fat cells and Muscle cells are NOT the same thing. Allow me to take you back to High School Biology class right quick. Cells only do 1 of 3 things, they grow, divide, and die... but THEY DO NOT TRANSFORM IN TO OTHER KINDS OF CELLS!

Body Fat Will NOT Turn Into Muscle

Why do people think that muscle turns to fat? Its because when people start working out, the training and the muscle they add burns there body fat reserves and uses it for energy! So now the person has more Muscle and Less fat, so everyone naturally assumes that the fat turned into muscle.

But the fat did not TRANSFORM in to muscle. less fat is just a natural by product of having more muscle,  but the fat was not a prerequisite to gaining the muslce!!! This is important for skinny people to understand, YOU DON'T NEED TO GET FAT TO GAIN MUSCLE!

Muscles Don't Turn into Fat

The myth that muscles turn to fat when a person stops exercising probably stems from the fact that people who body build or otherwise exercise quite a bit, who then stop exercising, tend to start looking a little flaby. There are a few different things that contribute to this, but primarily, it all comes down to caloric intake.

Specifically, people who exercise regularly tend to accustom themselves to eating quite a bit more food than people who maintain a relatively healthy body weight without exercising. Once they stop exercising though, they instantly lose the need for the calories used during their workouts, which is often quite significant.

It gets worse though. Over time, as their body loses muscle mass, their body needs significantly fewer calories even when they aren’t working out. So bottom line, people who exercise regularly who suddenly stop, tend to gain fat quickly because they don’t adjust their food intake to compensate for their decreased caloric needs, not because muscle cells are somehow turning into fat cells.

What's Next?

In either case, it comes back to training consistently and wisely along with being on a well planned nutritional program. Here are some nutrition guidelines:

Eat frequent meals (approx. 5-7 a day)
Eat plenty of vegetables, the greener the better
Eat some fruits as they have many fiber and anti-oxidant benefits
Stay away from highly processed and fast foods as they offer little nutritional benefits.
Obtain good fats from quality oils and nuts.
Eat lean meat sources, some of the best are eggs!
DRINK  A LOT OF WATER (<--- The Most Important one!)

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet. Check out my program The Simple Shredded Solution for more information.



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