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Try out this Killer Chest Workout at Home (No Bulky & Heavy Equipment Required)


What's the best chest workout at home? Nine times out of 10, you will probably hear people say that pushups are the ultimate chest workout if you lack access to a gym. Those people aren't wrong; pushups are excellent for developing core and functional strength. Why do you think the exercise is done all the time in the military?

However, there is another (and virtually unknown) exercise that targets the chest even more than the pushup. Best of all, this exercise introduces far more resistance than pushups and is a great way to add resistance without the use of weights.

Introduce the Towel Fly

Flys are one of the best exercises for developing the chest; it is really effective for hitting the inner pecs. In the gym, Flys are commonly done with dumbbells or cables. Most people that work out at home often don't have dumbbells or cables so they think that flys are not an option for them, but you CAN do a version of flys at home by doing towel flys. Check out the video below to see how towel flys are performed.


Towel flys are intense, so don't get discouraged if you can only do a few reps. If you can't even do a single rep, then start out with partial reps and increase the range of motion as you get better.

Sample Chest Workout

Here's a sample chest workout at home that includes towel flys and other equipment-free exercises.

Towel flys 1-2 sets, each until failure
Chair dips (with upper body leaning forward) 1-2 sets, each until failure
Incline pushups (with feet elevated on chair) 1-2 sets, each until failure
Pushups or flys on suspension handles 1-2 sets, each until failure

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