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Cold Thermogenesis For Fat Loss

Cold thermogenesis is a fat burning state. Similar to the way the body burns fat during ketogenesis, the Human body burns more fat when its exposed to cold temperatures because our bodies must generate internal heat to maintain a constant 98.6 degree temperature. To do this the body will convert available and stored energy  (BODY FAT) into body heat.

To take advantage of this I tried to start taking ice baths.... But I found out that I could not handle that shit at all! I have found that working out in the cold works a lot better for me

I go out in the cold with not much clothing on and I do the following workout:do 3 sets per exercise. Do each exercise for 30 seconds rest 30 seconds between sets

  1. jumping jacks

  2. Jumping Lunges

  3. Jumping High Knees
    I am sure that any form of HIIT cardio will work.

5 Reasons Why Cold Exposure is Healthy
1. Cold Thermogenesis makes your body release fatty acids to fuel your shivering.

  1. Cold exposure increases adiponectin, a hormone secreted by fat cells and responsible for fat burning, and glucose uptake by muscle that may last long after you warm up.

  2. Cold exposure stimulates brown fat, the “fat burning fat” to increase in quantity and activity.

  3. Cold exposure improves immunity.

  4. Cold exposure may be an effective treatment for depression.

5 Ways To Use Cold Exposure To Lose Fat..

  1. Lay on your back on the couch with an ice pack under your lower neck and upper back for 20-30 minutes, preferably in the evening.

  2. Drink 500 ml of ice cold water immediately upon waking. I wrote about this yesterday when I discussed 3 healthy eating habits.

  3. Take 5-10 minute cold showers, focusing the water on your lower neck and upper back. Best times for a cold shower is before breakfast or before bed.

  4. Take 20 minute ice baths that induce shivering.

  5. Do some of your exercise in a pool! Swim laps, take an aqua jogging class, or even aqua aerobics!

  6. Go for shiver walks. That is, go for a walk with the most amount of clothes on that will make you shiver slightly.

We don't want to rely solely on cold thermogenesis for fat loss though. While it does help, your body will only eat fat for so long before it preserves fat for health. Read more on all our fat loss advice here.