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Do you think about me now and then?


Because I'm coming home again!!!


We out here in Chicago, my hometown :)

It's about time I give you guys a crash course about what the Chi is all about. Check out the beautiful city in the latest EVERYDAY DOMINATION:

When I lived in Chicago I never came to tourist's attractions like "The Bean" or the top of the Sears tower..

But, doing these vlogs kind of forced me to do cool shit wherever I went and it's insane to see how, sometimes, the most amazing things are right under your nose. I know you probably have goals you want to accomplish and things you want to do, but every now and then make sure you take a second and appreciate what you have.

I'm sure there is something in your life that motherf*cker's would die for..

Now listen, all you motherfckers out there eating at Uno's for deep-dish pizza, that is not REAL Chicago deep-dish. If you want that real sht, you got to go to Giordano's. Uno's is to deep-dish what Taco Bell is to Mexican food -_-

After eating that delicious pizza, we went into a coffee shop (we didn't have any Fighter Fuel :/) and I kind of turned into a Snob lol. Check it out.

Then we went shopping at Marshall Field And Company and if you didn't know, that is one of the biggest department stores in Chicago. It actually has a pretty cool story..

So legend has it, in 1871 a cow kicked over a candle and one thing led to another and the whole city went into flames. Now I don't know if that's true but I do know that the whole city was on fire and at the time Marshall Field had a small local department store.

Instead of crying about his store burning down, he said "fuck it" and decided to build the biggest shop in town..


Chicago is also known for it's architecture. Everyone who's in that world tends to study the buildings in the Chi. Especially the Harold Washington Library. Harold Washington was the first (and only) black Mayor of Chicago. After he died from a heart attack they build that Library in honor of him. It really is a dope building..

Originally, I was going to go to DePaul University and kick it at home for college. I got in because I CRUSHED the S.A.T. (high as hell). However, my cousin Chicago-G told me Howard University had a  1;12 man to woman ratio..

So, I was like. DePaul, uhhh, I'm out. WASSUP HU! :D

After visiting all these spots, we head out to RSD Luke's Hot Seat and taught some fella's how to spit some game ;)

If you're ever in Chicago, make sure you visit all these amazing sites!

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