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Don’t let this be you in 2016

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We kicked off our Renegade Summit Live Tour here in Manhattan, and we had a f*cking amazing audience and an impressive roster of industry experts.

Do yourself a favor Right Now and [click here] to see what the attendees had to say about the event.

As you know.. the fact is that the next economic recession is just around the corner.. history has proven it to occur every 8 to 10 years, so we’re due for another one real soon..

Are you going to be one of the sorry chumps caught with their pants down when the economic tide comes in?

Are you going to be devastated by this next recession?

Will you lose your job, your home, your income, your lifestyle, and your friends and loved ones due to a lack of preparation and knowledge?

Answer that.. be real about this.. It’s no joke. This is going to be the worst recession in history.

Well, I know I won’t be struggling. I’ve hustled my a$$ off over the past 8 years #stacking, specifically for this moment. I’m prepared for market prices to drop.. for our economy to fall. I’m going to win regardless.

How about you?

If you want to catch the financial wave before you’re left in our failing economy’s wake, then get educated on the business insider-scoop at my exclusive Renegade Summit I’m holding this Saturday in L.A.

Get your Summit ticket for Los Angeles (Saturday, 10/22/16) if you want a chance to spend 6 hours with me and 4-5 extremely successful friends and mentors of mine - so you can learn how to survive financially this next year.

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P.S. The last Renegade Summit sold out, so make sure you get in on this asap to secure yourself a spot in your city.