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F*ck the Cubs

I'm from Chicago, but I was not watching the Cubs win last night


Because I am from the "South Side" of Chicago.
And on the South side, we are White Sox fans.

White Sox fans and Cubs fans do NOT get a long.
Yet, I am happy the Cubs won after 108 years of
losing because it's good for my City.

But here is the thing...

I don't want YOU to win once every 100 years like the Cubs.
I want you to win all the time like the White Sox.
So what's the key to being a consistent winner?

The key is knowledge (Tai Lopez Voice)

Think about a guy who makes over one mill a year.
Now think about the janitor who works in his building.

Does the guy who makes 1 Mill really work a
lot harder than the janitor? No, he just knows
some things that the janitor does not.

That's why I have been reading 2-3 books a week for the last 10 years...

And that's why I'm balling outta control.
One thing people complain about when it comes
to reading is the cost of books.

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