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F*ck You Mark Zuckerberg

Yo, I'm really mad at Facebook right now...
Ok, not really, I'm actually mad at myself. I've spent most of my morning bullshitting the day away, taking all these damn quizzes my friends keep inviting me to. I mean c'mon, look at this sh*t:
"Which twilight character do you resemble?" "Are you simple or complicated in life?" or my personal favorite...
"What Mexican food are you?" For the last one it told me I was a Big Black Bean Burrito (If you know what I mean) 😉
What sucks is that, though they were entertaining, these quizzes were utterly useless.
So, I got to thinking..
What if I could create a quiz that could actually help someone instead of trap them in a vortex of wasted time?
And so I did.
You, like most people, you probably have fitness goals you want to achieve. The problem is information overload. You are bombarded with 1,000's of articles each day telling you about the newest fad diet or workout plan "guaranteed" to bring you results. But, nothing is working because it wasn't created to fit your specific body type. There is no one size fits all..
If you'd like to know what protocol is right for you, then go take our free quiz at:

Based on your answers, you will receive a complete breakdown on what type of diet and workout plan is the best for your body and lifestyle. Go take the quiz now and get some clarity yo!
Ya Boy,
Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC
Facebook told me I was simple in life..
Probably because I don't have time to make it complicated and neither do you. Stop f*cking around. Go take the quiz and make your fitness journey simple too