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f*cking crazy right?

Bro, this is a st8 up mind f*ck
The Homies at Buck Books have put together an epic bundle of health and fitness books. Unlike other book bundles though, this one is completely FREE!
My book "Ultimate Mass" is in there, along with a couple dozen others. While I obviously can't vouch for the philosophies of each and every author included, there are definitely some gems in there--many of them by major bestselling authors like Doug McGuff, Michael Matthews, S.J. Scott, and others.
To be clear,
we are giving you 30 book and you pay nothing (F*cking crazy right?)
Go grab them all HERE  http://buckbooks.net/5152-33html
This is only good for a few more days, so make sure you take advantage of this sh*t now, before you miss out
Your boy,
Brandon Carter
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P.S. - Know anyone that loves to read health and fitness books? Forward this email to them before the event ends!