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Foods to Eat to Lose More Fat in Less Time

Calories aren't the only thing that aid in fat loss, food choices can be just as important. This post covers what foods to include and exclude from you diet to maximize your fat loss results!

Not all calories are created equal. It should be obvious that a cup of oatmeal is not equal to a donut even if the two contain the same calories. This is why you have to be selective with your food choices when it comes to foods for losing fat.

What NOT to Eat

Before I take you through my list of superfoods to eat for fat lost, let me tell you what to stay away from.

There’s no list required here because it’s really quite simple...


With the exception of natural fructose from fruits, you should steer clear of any type of sugars. It doesn’t matter if it’s simple table sugar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, or agave syrup. The effect is all the same.

Sugar is fattening, period.

Unlike glucose, sugar cannot be metabolized by the body for energy. Instead, sugar is metabolized by the liver where it gets converted into fat and is secreted into the bloodstream where some of it is eventually stored in the cells that make up your subcutaneous fat.

In addition, sugar is also known to make the body resistant to the hormone leptin. Leptin is secreted by fats cells when we eat and is what signals to the brain that the body is full. It is also the hormone that releases fat from fat cells and raises metabolic rate.

I’m not saying you need to avoid sugar entirely. Just limit consumption to your cheat day and for your pre and post-workout meals.

When the body becomes leptin-resistant, you feel hungry more often, not to mention your metabolism also slows.

What to Add to Your Diet

Okay, so you know what not to eat. Here is a list of what you should eat more of due to their direct or indirect fat loss properties. Keep in mind that everything on this list pertains to the food in its natural form; that is, unprocessed without added fillers and preservatives.

1. Salmon

Grilled salmon with a honey glaze on a bed of lambs lettuceSalmon is especially beneficial for fat loss. For one, it contains iodine, which is necessary for healthy metabolism function.

Secondly, salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Among its many benefits, omega-3s are essential for reducing inflammation, a condition which contributes to metabolic disease and obesity as confirmed in this study.

2. Lean Beef

Juicy Fillet Steak with Fresh HerbsRed meat has been unfairly demonized for causing all sorts of ailments despite numerous studies, such as this one, finding little to no correlation between cow meat and common diseases.

In terms of fat loss, lean beef is a proven food for champions. It is packed with protein. This macronutrient requires more energy to digest compared to carbs and fat. This means more calories burned.

In addition, raising your daily protein consumption by 25% has also been shown to cut cravings by up to 60%.

3. White Potatoes

White potatoes usually get a bad rep, with most people recommending yams and sweet potatoes instead. White potatoes, though, are more beneficial than most people realize...

For instance, they are a rich source of potassium, which helps keep blood pressure in check.

Here’s another thing about white potatoes: if you boil them, they form a fiber-like substance known as resistant starch, which aids in fat loss by producing good bacteria needed for healthy digestion.

4. Beans

White bean salad on a wooden board. Selective focusBeans come in a large variety. I recommend sticking to lentils, kidney, and black beans as these tend to have a higher protein and fiber content, both of which have been shown to help you reach satiety.

Like white potatoes, beans also contain a good amount of resistant starch.

5. Cottage Cheese

Here’s yet another protein-dense food that will keep your belly nicely satiated. On top of that, cottage cheese, or most dairy products for that matter, is also loaded with calcium.

Aside from promoting bone mineral density, studies also show that calcium is a proven fat lost booster.

Eat Smart, Lose Fat

The best foods for losing fat are far more extensive than just the choices listed above. Put it this way: if the food comes from a natural, unprocessed source, then it contains some nutrient that aids in fat loss be it directly or indirectly.

The foods listed can be combined for a delicious and nutrient-packed meal or consumed individually as an in-between snack.

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