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Want to Get Ripped? Gain Muscle Mass to Lose Fat!

Most people want to gain muscle mass and lose fat. This post is going to show you how building muscle will actually help you burn more body fat!


Improving your physique is really about accomplishing two things:

gaining muscle and losing fat.

Most of my male clients want to do both, while with women it’s almost always about fat loss. Whether you are a man or a woman, gaining muscle mass is one endeavor you should definitely strive after.

Why Muscle Mass = Fat Loss

I’ve said it many times before, and you also likely heard it from others in the fitness industry: muscle burns calories; therefore, the more muscle you have the more fat you burn on a daily basis.

Granted, the additional calories burned aren’t a whole lot, but we’re looking at the long-term basis here where a few calories here and there eventually add up.

The fact that muscle mass increases metabolism by burning calories is true. Where it gets a little sketchy is the amount of calories muscle actually burns.

The figures vary, with estimates typically ranging anywhere from 5 to 100 calories per day for every pound of muscle mass.

As a personal trainer, I find the extreme high end to be an over exaggeration. I believe it’s much closer to the lower end at around 5 to 10 calories per 1 pound of muscle.

Yes, that sounds negligible, but it really adds up as time goes by.

There’s a saying in investment that if you put $1 in your piggy bank every day, you will have one million dollars in one million days. Of course, humans don’t live that long, but you get the picture.

The same holds true for muscle burning fat. Even at the low end of five calories, you can burn quite an amount of fat in just one year’s time.

Look at the Bigger Picture

Gaining muscle mass is especially beneficial for men because they can acquire lean muscle at levels that generally aren’t possible for women.

Let's say a guy has 25 lbs of added muscle.

Even if we were very conservative with the estimates and say that they only burn five calories per pound of muscle, that still adds up to a little over one pound of weight loss per month!

Here is how:

Calories burned per day (from 25lbs. of muscle): 125

Days in a month: 30

Calories burned in 30 days (30 x 125): 3,750

Number of calories per one pound: 3,200

That adds up to about 13-14 pounds of fat you lose over a course of 12 months. Also keep in mind that this fat loss is from the calories that are burned by the added muscle mass.

It does not take into consideration the additional calories burned from strength training and HIIT cardio, nor does it take into consideration the calorie deficit of a fat loss diet or the supplementation of a product like Tea Rexx.

If you factor those in, then you’re looking at even more fat loss.

What About Women?

Woman on training apparatus in sports club. FitnessObviously, gaining 25 pounds of muscle isn’t realistic for females, and that’s a good thing because most women do not wish to become all hulked up.

Even if they put on, say, seven pounds of muscle within a year, that additional mass still contributes to fat loss over a long-term basis.

This is why I strongly insist that women follow a strength training program and put aside worries of gaining too much muscle.

Muscle Gains and Fat Loss Really Complement One Another

Sure, you can stick solely to HIIT, you will certainly burn fat and become leaner. However, you will be selling yourself short.

Put it this way:

Why settle for a sedan when you can have a Ferrari?

Why settle for a condo when you can have a mansion?

By gaining muscle mass, you will lose even more fat, so that you achieve fully visible abs as opposed to sort of visible abs.

If you are serious about gaining muscle mass and losing fat, then combining my program Get Ripped Fast with my fat burner Tea Rexx is sure to get you killer results!.