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Brandon Carter | Start Here

Goal 0-10

Losing That Last 10 Pounds...

We're Here To Help You Succeed

Losing the last 10 lbs can be a challenge... it can be stubborn..

you should get some tea rexx.

Normally 1-2 bottles combined with COURSE will help get you there..

If you find that fat to be really stubborn then a 90 day (3 bottle) supply might be the trick..

Either way I've put together a really special offer for you.

Since your order hasn't shipped yet I'd like to give you free shipping on some Tea Rexx at the best price available..

1 bottle for $25 and save $25 .

2 for $50 <-- recommended if you've plateaued or have stubborn fat.

3 for $65.

I'm even going to cover the cost of shipping (in the USA) if you decide to add it to your box today..

And I'm going to pay to do priority speedy delivery so you can get started ASAP..