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Goal Setting 101: How To Set and Accomplish All of Your Goals

Have you ever set a goal and not fulfilled it? Do you keep breaking your resolutions and promises to yourself? Do you feel disorganized and disoriented when planning your future? Don't worry! Professor Brandon will give you a basic introductory class session on how to not just accomplish your goals, but to viciously murder your goals!

First, you got to change your mind set. Instead of simply accomplishing your goals or trying to get them done...you have to want to MURDER AND DESTROY your goals! You need to want to grab them by there head and punt them off the field! Do not be shy and timid when approaching your goals. Come at your goals with the ferocity and determination of a supreme alpha lion or wolf! That should be the foundation of your mind so that you can come at your goal with a proper attitude and approach.

Kill Your Goals Kill Your Goals

After you understand how to maintain the basic foundation of the mindset, you can begin to move on to specific strategies and tactics of effective goal setting.

First off, take what the average person would accomplish in a year, and attempt to complete that in 3 months. You want to knock out your goals fast and effectively and accomplish (what would take the average person four years) something profound in one year. While you should not be unrealistic with your goal, really push yourself to your limits to see what your are capable of accomplishing.

Second, reverse engineer the steps it would take to meet your goal. Break down the three months and schedule what needs to be accomplished per week. You can start at the end and go backwards or you can start in the front and plan forward. Occasionally, the final steps of goals can be foggy and unclear. In that case, just take the first step and keep on pushing upward.


Each week, maintain focus on just what needs to be accomplished that particular week and knock it out. Do not spend too much time overthinking the steps in the future and focus aggressively on the present day action that is required. Attack each week with the foundation mindset required to murder your goals!

If you just take this simple basic plan and put it into effect, you will see your results drastically increase!