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Home Fitness Equipment Review "The Human Trainer" Rotational Pulley and Olympic Rings

The ”Human Trainer” Is an elite total body suspension gym that you can use in at home. With the The ”Human Trainer” you can do hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.

They Just came out with some new add ons to the Human trainer! Check out the "Olympic Rings" and The "Rotational Pulley"

I like The ”Human Trainer” WAY better that other suspension gyms like “TRX” because The “Human Trainer” has TWO Dual-anchor suspension straps!!! Two suspension straps nearly eliminate the rubbing on your arms and neck which you get from using a single-anchor, suspension gym like TRX. The Dual-anchor suspension straps also allow you to preform more exercises like “DIPS” that are totally impossible with a single-anchor, suspension gym.

Another advantage that ”Human Trainer” has over a single-anchor suspension gym like TRX, the fact that YOU CAN USE IT ON A PULL-UP BAR! The main reason that I never bought TRX was because you HAVE to drill anchors into your wall to use it! That's fine for your home (you can use anchors for the ”Human Trainer” too) but what a bout when your on vacation? Now I can bring ”Human Trainer” to any hotel and no matter how shitty the gym is, as long as they have a pull up bar, I can use the ”Human Trainer” to get a great workout!  This is also great for people that cant (or don’t want to) drill anything into your wall that will be permanent, now you can just attach the ”Human Trainer” to your “Iorn Gym” style pull up bar and take it all down when your done!



Brandon Carter