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NEW PODCAST: How Champions Deal With Setbacks (Episode #24)

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In this episode of The Brandon Carter Experience, I discuss some inspiring ways that champions handle setbacks (over lunch!)  In this different style podcast, you'll learn mindsets and strategies that can improve your life and the way you handle your own setbacks..

If you're REALLY committed, and you are SERIOUS about improving your fitness...

I Have a BRAND NEW Program Coming Soon!

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I've been busy filming what I believe to be the best - and most important - program to date.

It's a 3-phase, 90-day HIIT-based workout program called Direct HIIT. (You may have heard me mention it in some videos recently, too...)

You'll be able to follow along with me through full rigorous workout videos (most are about 40 minutes long) and get your ass into TOP shape!

  • You don't need a gym...
  • Or fancy equipment...

All you need is your own body (and a no-bitching attitude)!!

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