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How Eating Pizza, Burgers, and Fries Help You Burn FAT at And Build Muscle

Nutrition and Diet account for at least 75% of your fitness success. In this post I went in to great detail about what you should and should not eat to gain muscle mass and / or lose weight and accomplish your goals FAST. But I left one thing out..


Its difficult to say to yourself “I will NEVER eat burgers, fries, pizza, cake, and soda ever again”. You clearly bullshitting yourself if you think that's sustainable. The mere thought of that may keep you from even starting to eat right. That is why I recommend that one day a week you eat ANYTHING you want (pause) and forget about all the all the DIET RULES I gave you for 24 hours!!!

Won't that ruin my progress?

I already know what your thinking “If I eat crazy for a whole day, won’t I ruin all the progress that I made? NO... HELL NO.... a resounding NO!!!! You see, eating “bad” for one day a week will NOT hurt you, the same way that eating “good” one day a week will NOT help you!

It’s what you do constantly that counts! (Tattoo that statement into your brain!)

Cheat days are not only fun, but they help you eat right the other 6 days of the week. It’s easy to not eat a slice of pizza on a Tuesday if you know that you can eat 2 large pizza’s and a 2 liter of soda to yourself on Sunday!

Does it matter which day of the week?

I usually schedule my cheat days for Sunday, that's when my girl cooks a big ass meal and we watch football or basketball all day. It does not have to be the same day every week, if I am going to an event like a wedding or a Holiday, I will make the cheat day on what ever day of the week it falls on.This is great because I can pig out with my family or friends one day a week with out feeling guilty!

Cheat days work! You should be doing it EVERY WEEK! It does not matter if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, Cheat days will help you stay on your diet plan 6 days a week and keep you motivated! I have seen it work for everybody that does it. Here are some results

I have done a cheat day every week for the last 2 years!

How do we get started?


Check out my program The Simple Shredded Solution for more information about burning fat and building muscles!

Get after it.