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How To Blow A Few Thousand Dollars In A Day

 Yup, another day of me being a motherf*cking Baller!

don't know man, I'm just in that mode right now. Got to ride this wave ya feels?

Lol, check out the whole thing in my new episode of EVERYDAY DOMINATION here:


Apparently, Jordans and Converse's aren't classy any more. So, I headed out to SOHO and met up with my boy Mike Z. again to buy me some fresh shoes..

We ended up spending hours buying button downs and all different types of sh*t #FASHION! All that shopping got us hungry so, we all went to grab a bite and we caught Mike dropping some real jewels on why a lot of people aren't actually meant to be entrepreneurs. Check it out!

Then, as usual Bella, Daysha and I went to the gym to finish off the day strong ;)

Peace Bruh!

Ya Boy,

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