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How To Get Biceps With Correct Form To Get Results Faster

Readers are always asking how to get biceps.

Firstly, I see people doing bicep curls wrongly and they wonder why there arms don't get bigger or more ripped. If you're not doing Bicep curls with the proper form, then you're NOT WORKING YOUR BICEPS! In this video I demonstrate exactly how to do a proper biceps curls so you will get results faster.

With every exercise if you are focusing on just one muscle group, you have to actually focus on that muscle group. I don't really work on single muscle groups myself. I'm a much bigger fan of all over exercises or combo exercises.

The Perfect Bicep Curl

The bicep muscle does one thing, it pulls your forearm toward your shoulder. That's it. It pulls. So truly you don't have to figure out how to get biceps. You have them.

You have to grow them.

If you lift your forearm from the elbow, wrist facing up and then curl your arm up to your shoulder, the bicep will have done this work by contracting. When you lower the forearm the bicep contraction releases.

If you want to exercise only the bicep then only one thing can move on your entire body: the elbow joint. If anything else moves on your body you are reducing the amount of work the bicep has to do. Moving your entire body is not how to get biceps.

If your shoulder joint moves then the delts and even traps might be involved. If you curl your wrist then your forearm muscles will be helping. If you bed backwards at all then your back and core muscles will be helping. If you use your pelvis to help get the exercise moving then your core will be helping.

You must stand solidly and only move the elbow joint to do a perfect bicep curl.

Don't stop at the Bicep

The bicep is truly only a portion of the upper arm muscle. When you isolate a muscle like the biceps you are at the same time ignoring a muscle, in this case the triceps.

The tricep muscle is the back of the arm. While biceps pull up, triceps push down. The two of them together form the upper arm. To have a really strong, defined arm we want to focus on both the tricep and bicep muscle equally. Since the muscles connect to tendons and bones, we want them to be equally powerful.

So work on the bicep, make it awesome. But then work on the tricep and make it awesome too.

What Do We Do Next?

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