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How to Get Muscular Abs Chiseled Out of Granite

This post identifies the truth about muscular abs, and what you need to do in order to achieve a chiseled six pack!

Here’s the thing about six-pack abs: you already have them. The desirable, rippled abs is how the abs are naturally shaped.

Your main role is to lose enough fat around the midsection to get it to show. With that in mind, getting muscular abs is less about building muscle in the abs, instead, it's about having a fat loss plan in place.

Nevertheless, I still train my abs rigorously for the sake of achieving a strong core, which is essential for functional strength development. There are a few exercises I recommend for keeping the abs strong.

Ab Exercises

Isometric Leg Lifts

I began isometric leg lifts after seeing Rock Balboa do them during the epic training scene in Rocky IV. This is basically performed like a regular leg lift, except that you would hold the position at various points in the movement.

I like to hold the position when my legs are straight and six inches off the floor and again when it’s at a perfect 45 degree angle. To up the intensity, strap on a pair of ankle weights.

Medicine Ball Rollout

This is identical to the conventional ab rollout done with an ab wheel, except you’re using a medicine ball. This makes the exercise a heck of a lot tougher due to the extra arm and shoulder motion required to move the ball outward and back to the starting position.

Ab Machine Crunch

This is the basic crunch machine that you see in the gym. This allows you to perform a crunch from the sitting position using resistance.

I like to include training my abs using heavy weights, as opposed to just performing endless repetitions of sit-ups. As with any strength training exercise, go heavy and stick to low volume (about 5-6 reps per set).

Try This Challenge

If you want to improve muscular endurance on the core region, then give this 4-minute ab workout a try. There is very little rest between sets, so it’s quite brutal.

Even I struggle to last the entire duration, which is apparent by my grimacing expression towards the latter half of the workout.

Remember, It’s About Fat Loss

Once again, muscular abs is not acquired through any type of abdominal exercises. You can have extremely impressive core strength and be able to perform even the most advanced ab workouts and still be on the pudgy end.

Your abs by default are already muscular; you just have to do away with enough subcutaneous fat to get the core’s natural six-pack to show.

As you can see from my multitude of uploaded videos, I have no qualms about showing off my six-pack.

My abs weren't just developed through hours of advanced abdominal work. My abs of steel were also the byproduct of rigorous strength training and HIIT done to puke-inducing levels.

On top of that, I also had a set diet plan and stuck to it.

Supplementing with Tea Rexx was another element that helped blast fat away. .

Getting muscular abs is no walk in the park, but The Simple Shredded Solution program is designed to help get you there if you’re willing to put in the dedication..