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How to Lose Face Fat (and That Stubborn Double Chin)

Fat tends to accumulate around the face, having a chiseled jawline is a good indicator that you are also ripped everywhere else. This post shows you how to get a more lean, attractive face.

People are so conscious about the fat around their waistline, thighs, and arms that they forget about the most visible area of the body: the face.

Yes, the face is an area prone to accumulating body fat. While you can cover up a pot belly with a baggy shirt, you can’t exactly cover your face in the same manner. Plump cheeks and a double chin are obvious signs that you’re carrying a few extra pounds underneath.

Fear not, though, I will show you how to lose face fat with a few easy tricks.

Avoid Water Retention

If spot reducing isn’t possible for your belly or elsewhere, then it’s not going to be possible for your face. To keep your face from ballooning up, you have to follow a complete fat loss program with a strong emphasis on cardio, strength training, and dieting.

As you may know, you get fatter when your fat cells (adipocytes) swell from absorbing molecules like fructose, glycogen, and water.

The face, and especially the cheeks and below the chin area, tend to store fat cells. This is true for both men and women, but even more so for the latter.

This is precisely why you need to drastically limit sugar, salt, and alcohol, all of which are known to encourage water retention within your fat cells.

As a survival mechanism, your body is also more inclined to hold onto water when it’s dehydrated, so drink more H2O to prevent your face from bloating up. I recommend drinking at least one gallon of water a day, especially while following any of my comprehensive HIIT and strength training programs.

Get in Your Zs

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

Sleeping less than five hours a day has actually been associated with weight gain. Aside from your dietary practices, you should also be sure to get enough shuteye.

When the body is sleep-deprived, its survival mechanism sets in, and the body will store more fat so that it has additional energy reserves. Some of the stored fat will end up directly on your face.

If a full eight hours of sleep isn’t always possible, then try to get in a power nap during whatever pockets of time you can squeeze in.

Don’t Bother Exercising Your Face Muscles

If isolation exercises like curls don’t create baseball-sized biceps, then facial exercises aren’t going to eliminate the double chin.

Some people have suggested that you “tone” your face muscles by performing a daily routine of face exercises that include movements like making certain facial expressions repeatedly.

This might include making a smiley, frowning, or fish face and holding it much like you would for an isometric exercise.

If you choose to do these exercises, then by all means go for it. Personally, I think they’re a waste of time. Not only that, but too many of these exercises lead to premature wrinkles.

Face Fat Be Gone!

You really don’t even need to worry about your face at all. Just focus on giving it your all with regards to HIIT, strength training, and dieting, and the face fat will come off as you lose fat in other areas.

Just check out the difference that one of my students made following my methods. Along with losing a ton of fat, he was able to achieve a more lean and chiseled face!.

Face Transformation

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