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How to Lose Gut Fat and Reveal the Toned Abs Underneath

Gut fat is annoying and troublesome for many people. This article is going to show how you can lose that unwanted belly fat for good!

For men especially, the last few inches of belly fat can be really stubborn. It can seem like, no matter what you do, those last few inches just won’t go away.

Here’s the thing about losing gut fat: there is nothing you can do that directly targets the fat stores around your stomach.

Look, I get it; we all have those “troubled spots” where the fat just seems to stick around no matter what we do. Spot reducing, however, simply isn’t possible. The only way to get rid of fat once and for all is to incorporate a comprehensive workout and dieting plan.

The Proof

Spot reduction has long been debunked. Even so, there are many who still hold on hope, believing if they perform those extra set of crunches or leg raises that they’ll finally lose the love handles.

Here’s a study that puts the nail in the coffin for the ludicrous idea of spot reduction.

In the study, 11 subjects, consisting of both men and women, underwent a training regimen where they trained only one leg on a leg press machine.

After 12 weeks, their body mass index was measured. Here’s what researchers found:

  • Subjects saw a decrease in upper body fat by 10.2%
  • Total body fat mass decreased by 5.1%
  • No significant changes in lean body mass
  • There were no significant changes in lean mass, fat mass, or bone mass in the trained leg

The last point is bolded for a reason. It emphasizes that targeting a specific body part does not lead to greater fat loss in that area alone. If spot reducing was real, then the trained leg would have significantly less fat.

What You Can and Should Do to Lose Gut Fat

The midsection is the troubled area for most people, and I totally get the frustration of not being able to shed the last few inches. However, you got to be smart in your training approach.

You have to follow a TOTAL body program that includes strength training, cardio, and dieting. The Simple Shredded Solution shows you how to do just that..

Strength training is absolutely necessary even if you’re not interested in gaining lean muscle. The intense low volume training that I recommend will burn tons of calories and pack on muscle. Muscle, in turn, helps keep you lean by burning additional fat.

brandon-looking left-transparentThen there’s cardio...

or my preference, HIIT cardio. If done right, it will force your body into an “emergency state” where it has to rely on your fat stores for additional fuel to keep the body going.

Finally, there is dieting. The only way to lose fat is to eat in a calorie deficit.

You’re still allotted one cheat day a week; the other six days, however, you have to eat for fat loss.

Those are three components that all have to be in place for you to see meaningful results. So many people follow one or two components with absolute dedication but badly falter on the other one or two.

There Are no Shortcuts

If it was possible to lose gut fat by targeting that area directly, there would be so much more beach and bikini bodies.

Unfortunately, Science has proven that spot reducing simply isn’t doable. With that in mind, keep your focus on long-term results; know that the pot belly of yours will eventually slim down as long as you follow the type of training and dieting advice that I have in my posts and programs.

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