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I allmost fought a thug from Harlem!

I'm not f*cking with you..

But obviously, I smoothed it out ;)

Check it out in the new episode of EVERDAY DOMINATION below:

https://www.youtube.com/embed/2KbZsAJkM3YIt was a hella busy day.

Started it off with a full body workout bright and early at 7:30A.M. Then, I hustled over to the Bro Labs Headquarters to get some work done and meet up with my homie RSD Madison to shoot some videos promoting his new dating program: BOSS.

We were having a tough time trying to figure out where to record our videos. But, then my cousin G hit me up and told me to roll through Harlem and say what up. So, we hopped in an Uber and were on our mary way..

It was cool seeing my Cousin and talking sh*t with old friends. We went to his crib only to find out he's got hella weed in the place. I mean, obviously I wasn't shocked lol, but yo you got to see this for yourself. Check it out here.

After shooting a bunch of videos with Madison, my cousin and I played a game of dice. I lost $40 :(

But that's what I get for thinking you can "win" money. Oh, and check this out...

What if we created a Harlem Shark Tank?

I can see it now, My cousin, me and another n*gga standing behind the counter at G's grocery store, letting these fools present us their business ideas...

I think that shit would be dope. Let me know if you think we should do it :D

We ended finishing up at Harlem around 8P.M. Instead of heading home, I went back to the Headquarters to continue working. As always, on the ride back I had to get some sh*t off my chest...

It's something that's been on my mind for a while...

People say they don't want monetary success because it won't bring them happiness. I think it's an excuse.Valuing happiness so much is just f*cking self-indulgent. Plus, you can gain happiness THROUGH building a successful business. Make sure you watch this video all the way till the end to find out how ;)

Till next time fellas, I'm out..Ya Boy,

Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC

Snapchat: KillerCarter187

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