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I f*ck with Justin Bieber

I know what you’re thinking.

“What?! You respect that little b*tch? I thought you were cool, Brandon! Unsubscribe"

Hear me out.

When I was signed to Sony Records during my brief rapping career, I had the chance to open for LL Cool J. Naturally, I felt like hot sh*t.

In fact, during the show, backstage this real fine thang named Ashley was feelin’ me, rubbing my shoulders and sh*t. I was certain she would let me "Donald Trump" her that night.

Out of nowhere LL walks into the room.
What do you think happened?

Ashley ditched me faster than a Kardashian marriage.
In fact, every girl backstage ran LL’s way. He was a bigger girl magnet than any car could ever dream to be.

Of course, all the other small-time MC’s like me were talking sh*t.

“That Ngga’s a btch.. Them b*tches only want him because he’s famous.” My mentality was different.

Instead of crying like a little hoe over all the girls running LL’s way, instead I thought, “Man, I want to get good enough that chicks chase me like that.”

So I got to work. I went out and bought LL's workout book that same day lol

I built discipline. I read more books. I began meditating. The rap thing may not have gone as planned, but I am defiantly more successful as a result

All of this came from the decision to have a winner mentality that focused on how I could improve, as opposed to the loser mentality which seeked to bring LL down to make them feel better about themselves.
The point is, I hear the same b*tching about Bieber that I heard from those salty rappers whining that night backstage.

“But Brandon, Bieber has done really negative things with his platform. He should be a positive influence, not a negative one.”

What exactly has he done?
Throw some eggs at some houses?
Pissed in a bucket and yelled “Fuck Bill Clinton”?
(this one remains a mystery for more than one reason)

Man, that kid is 21 years old and has 200 million dollars in the f**king bank. I’d say he’s doing pretty well.
But I think we both know the reason you hate someone you don’t even know.

Here’s the truth:

It allows you to displace your OWN dissatisfaction with your OWN life.
“He has so much undeserved wealth. He has so much undeserved fame.”

Stop worrying about what other people have.

What do you have?

What are you going to do to accomplish your goals?

I don’t know many things, but one thing I do know is b*tching about other people’s riches will never get you any.
In fact, all time wasted on complaining about others makes you weaker, both physically and mentally.

If you’re truly committed to getting what you want in life, you wouldn’t be spending time worrying about Bieber’s car accidents.

I’m so damn laser focused on my goals I can’t afford to b*tch about others. If you truly want to be successful, you need to learn to shape the winner mentality, which involves discipline, work, and consistent growing.

So I f**ks with Bieber. He made it in the industry. His bank account is on point. His mama don’t like you and she likes everyone. Good for him.

Now I’m going to focus on me. I suggest you do the same.

Your Boy,

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