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I got into a FIGHT with a fat chick today...

I  never wanted to hit a woman before, until....I was getting on the train today.

There was no room to sit down and many people were standing.I saw one open seat,

but I could not sit in it because...An overweight chick was using the seat as a f*cking tableThis is gross,

but she was sitting down and had her"Big Mac",fries, and drink laid out on the seat  next to here wile she was eating.I walked up to here and said,"Can you move this please?"The she starts cursing at me!I said some stuff to her that I am not proud of...

I said something to the effect of..."Your fat a* should not be eating all that bullsht anyway"I know that was insensitive, but was screaming on me in public.But I was also telling the TRUTH.We all know that "diet" is the most important part of accomplishing your fitness goals.But what diet should you try?

Don't worry, we will  figure that our for you.Go to this link take this short quiz and see what diet is best for YOUhttp://BrandonCarter.com/Quiz1 [ http://brandoncarter.com/Quiz1 ]So what happened with the chick on the train?She just got off at the next stop.I let an woman with a baby sit in the seat and I remained standing the rest of the trip


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Brandon "The F-Train Champion" Carter

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