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I love to fail...


Below is a piece from my last 30 Days Of Greatness live talk:

"I love to fail because going through failure is the only path towards success.

Just take a look at Steph Curry. Coaches and other athletes consider him the best shooter in the NBA. But guess what?

Steph Curry's shooting average is 51%! That's right, possibly the greatest basketball player ever fails almost half of the time! Anyone that's ever told you that you have to be the best all the time is full of shit. What's actually important is being at YOUR best all the time. That way, if you fail you can hang your head high knowing that you gave it your all..."

If you'd like more on this subject, check out our new EVERYDAY DOMINATION Vlog:


Directly after finishing up that talk, White Boy Brian and I jumped onto another live Q&A with our Victory Unit members. We spent about an hour clearing through their problems and learning how we can improve on the site and create a better experience. We got some dope things planned and if you're not a member already, I HIGHLY suggest you sign up now. With all the dope shit coming soon we are practically going to be forced to raise the price. Click here to lock in at our lowest price yet:  http://thevictoryunit.com/

Afterwards, Johnny Bella & I went to go record a workout at Crunch. Johnny didn't have a membership, so I had to get his ass a guest pass, which was the inspiration for my hot new single you can find in today's vlog...

I was supposed to have a cryotherapy session after the gym. For those who don't know, Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold to heal the body. Pretty much, they put you in a chamber and freeze your ass off. Unfortunately, we got out the gym too late and I missed my appointment :(

So, instead we got some fish hot dogs :D (don't knock it till you try it.) In the middle of lunch, I got this crazy snapchat from this poor kid who is crushing on some girl that doesn't like him back and he was seeking advice on how to handle the situation. Now let me tell you something, this goes out to all you boys and girls out there:

Anyone you want TOO much you can  never have. It's the sad truth. People want what they can't have. BUT, there's a trillion other girls and boys out there that would love to have you as their partner and you shouldn't be wasting your time with those that aren't into you. Matter of fact, you are doing them a disservice by tripping over someone that doesn't feel the same way. Go fishing bruh ;)

After lunch, Johnny went back to Headquarters and I went home just to workout again -__-. I'm training for something tough, you'll find out what soon enough...

Ya boy,

Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC

P.S.Don't be the type of person who passively drifts through life, like a plastic grocery bag caught in a gust of

Don't be the type of person who passively drifts through life, like a plastic grocery bag caught in a gust of wind at the Walmart parking lot. Eff that!!!

Be someone who stands out. Someone who knows what they want, and gets it. If you're passive, things will get harder before they get easier. I don't want to see this happen to you. I want to help you become a renegade.

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