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I'm going back to school...

Yo, what up fella!?

Today was, yet again, a busy day. Let's get right into it...

Started the day meeting with my coaching clients in the Bro Labs Accelerator. Raymond and I spent the time teaching our students the essentials of e-mail marketing which was dope.

Then my homie RSD Madison came by the headquarters  to hang out and meet my old friend from the Chi: The Slickness. He is a professional PIMP and he gave us a few lessons on how to gain a proper pimp hand. If you are struggling with a weak pimp hand. Then check out these free tips in the video below:

Afterward, Madison and I hopped into an Uber to meet up with our boy James Swanwick to get some food and shoot some videos. On our way there, Madison told me an interesting story about Jessie, our Intern, and Customer Service Rep. Apparently, before coming to work for Bro Labs, he tried to intern for Madison. To say the least, make sure you watch the video to find out what NOT to do if you are trying to get a mentor...

Surprisingly, James was staying right by Katz Deli in NYC. If you didn't know, Katz Deli is an old school Kosher Deli that's been around since like 1930's. They got some of the best meat around (pause).

After filming a ton of videos with the guys, guess what I did next?

I went to school -_-

That's right yo, I'm back in motherf*cking school to learn more about digital marketing. Something I've learned from successful people is that they invest A LOT of money into education. If I want to be where they are, I got to do what they do.

Listen, you got to pay to get rich...

Ya Boy,

Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC

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I've invested over 10k this year towards my education. Pat Riley once said, " if you're not getting better, you're getting worse."

So I suggest you start doing the same and start investing in yourself. If you want to take the first step, then come meet me on my World Tour: The Renegade Summit. As you probably already know, a bunch of my friends and I are touring the world giving away invaluable advice to those are ready to step up and start taking charge of their lives.

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