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I'm going to freeze to death...

Ok not really, but I'm fucking COLD!

They got me out here training for some wild TV show and I'm walking around in a goddamn tank top, trying to get used to the cold. It's driving me crazy, watch the video below to see how I handle it:

Oh, and welcome to another day of EVERYDAY DOMINATION. If you've been following these daily vlogs I'm sure you've noticed by now that my days aren't filled with lavish cars and Victoria Secret models. Just cold, hard work. That's because I'm not going to bullsh*t you like these other guys, being an entrepreneur isn't about popping bottles and flying jets. It's about doing the boring shit no one else wants to do so you can get all of the things no one else has. Now, let's get right into it...

I started the day meeting with my clients that are a part of my business accelerator. In this course, I am teaching all of these fellas how to start and run a multi-million dollar Fitness company. I love doing this coaching shit. Today was the start of week two in the course and I know we are going to crush it!

Right after meeting with my clients I had to hop on another call with and editor who is going to help me write the next book I'm working on. Well, I'm going to write it, she's just going to take out all of the dyslexia so you can read it. The point of this book will be to take you, the reader, where you are to where you want to be. As the editor put it so nicely, you are Luke Skywalker and I am your Yoda ;)

All that talking got me hungry as FUCK! So, Bella and I went out to grab some lunch at a local spot in Manhattan. After lunch, we took a trip to Modell's because I needed a pair of training shoes to get ready for the crazy show I was telling you about and my Chuck Taylor's just weren't cutting it. On our way there I captured an awesome time lapse with the GoPro5 AND I gave away the secret to getting a good traffic time lapse in NYC, check it out here

Bella went home and I head back to Headquarters to meet with our financial advisor, Kyle, to talk about plans and projects we have set up for the future. We got some big things coming soon, stay tuned ;)Ya Boy,

Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC

Snapchat: KillerCarter187P.S.

In case you haven't heard, I'm doing a LIVE summit in New York City this Saturday. This is the first event in my Live Tour for the upcoming months. This tour will consist of several speakers who are masters in business, relationships, fitness, and all other aspects of building a badass lifestyle.

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