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I'm sorry guys, I don't usually act this way...

But sometimes I think it's necessary...

Not sure what I'm talking about? Go watch the newest Vlog I just put out; EVERDAY DOMINATION #3 to be caught up  to speed.


Now after watching me scream profusely at an iPad for several minutes, you might be thinking that I've gone insane. Don't worry, my mental health is still in check, just let me explain.

Last month, as some of you might know, I released a daily coaching program called 30 Days of Greatness. Signing up for this program guaranteed access to a private facebook group where you could tune in and watch a LIVE talk given by me every morning for thirty days.

The goal of this program was to expose the members to the TRUTH about success and what is expected to be done (and to be sacrificed) if you want to reach the top. As you now may have guessed, I perform all of the live calls on my iPad and I tend to get pretty fired up. This is because these are heavy thoughts I don't usually get to share with my fans. Finally having the chance to, I let it all out holding nothing back.

You see,  most people walk around complaining about how hard they got it or how they don't have enough time to get things done. Those people are usually just full of shit. If you follow one of these assholes around, I can almost guarantee they won't be going balls to the wall for everything they want in life.

It's time to call these fools out and expose them for their bullshit. Make sure to watch the  video to see how it all goes down.

Now, unfortunately, I will not be opening up registration this following month  for 30 Days Of Greatness and I am not sure if I will be running the program again.


If you're someone who needs that kick in the ass and wants to be surrounded by a group of badasses that will force you to perform at your highest potential...

If you know you will fall flat on your face without a strong support system...

If you're stuck, unable to achieve all that you have been put on this earth to do...

Then I want to give you a chance at becoming an exclusive member of The Victory Unit, finally having the opportunity to achieve your dreams!

The Victory Unit was created to bring together those who wanted more out of life than a 9-5 and a retirement fund. It was made to support those who are willing to put it all on the line for their chance at glory. With elite players in their respective fields providing you with "golden nuggets" of information, hours of fitness programs and business development courses, The Victory Unit has all you need to become a god amongst men.

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Nevertheless, always remember to keep going top speed for all that you want and beat life down until it gives you everything you ask of it.

Till next time,

Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC

Snapchat: KillerCarter187


We are adding a "Meditation Course" to The Victory Unit this month. Once the course is launched, the price of the membership will go up, but if you are already a member, your price will stay the same...

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