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I'm sorry...

I have to apologize to you…

I did something that has me looking stupid. The email I sent you yesterday had more mistakes than guys who buy plan B in bulk.

See, I am very dyslexic.

It’s a learning disability I was diagnosed with as a kid.

Before I was diagnosed, people used to tell me that I would never amount to anything because my writing worse than a Donald Trump p0rn.

But I did not let that stop me from being successful in life.
I did not use it as an excuse.
I went after my goals anyway.

I should have sent the draft to my proof reader last night, but it was late, I wrote it in the Uber on my way home after a class I took late last night (yes, I am still continuing my education… more on that tomorrow).

The point is, I did not let my limitations hold me back.

What’s holding you back?
Is it other people’s opinions?
Is it self doubt?
Is it lack of money or other resources?

What ever it is, I want you to get past that and accomplish your goals anyway. That’s why I put together “The Renegade Summit” World Tour.


So many people got tickets to the one in NYC, that I had to add a few more sets and 2 more guest speakers to the event.

It’s going to be lit (you don’t want to miss this).

Your dyslexic Big Homie,
Brandon Carter

P.S. For a limited time, if you get one ticket, you can bring a friend with you for no charge. (If you already got a ticket, I will extend that offer to you too).