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I'm the first black man to do it...

That's right fam.

I'm the first black man to kill the game in GoPro'ing! Seriously, how many black people do you see using a GoPro? Not many. Why? Because GoPro's were designed to film psycho's jumping off of cliffs or falling out of the goddamn sky, and only crazy white boys will ever do that shit, not me.

Once again, we headed to Best Buy for our camera gear and as always, the weirdest shit happened. Click here to see what I'm talking about.  On our way there, we passed by New York Sports Club...

Fuck New York Sports Club.

Anyway, Johnny thought it would be a good idea to make one of those "Unboxing" videos for the GoPro5. We filmed it at a local diner because ya boy BBC was hungrier than a motherfucker. The  "Unboxing" didn't go so well. Watch me fuck the whole shit it up.

After embarrassing myself, I enjoyed an awesome meal made up of potatoes, avocados, and some fluffy-as-fuck pancakes. Now check it out, most of you guys eat pancakes totally fucking wrong, so I'm going to give you a few tips...

First of all, if you got your pancakes stacked on top of one another, then you have to spread the butter in between each layer, giving each pancake a creamy texture (pause). Then, once your pancakes are all buttered up, instead of pouring all the syrup on top of the stack, leaving the majority of them dry as hell, you're going to want to slice em up and pour it INBETWEEN the stack and  make sure you use all of the syrup, don't be cheap with your pancakes bruh.

After lunch, we went back to HQ to scoop up Bella so we can go play around with the new GoPro. The moment I saw her and her bright blue leggings I knew exactly what we were going to do...

Something that's never been done before...

We put the GoPro...


I know, it's the greatest idea of all time, I am a fucking genius, go watch the amazing footage that we turned into a music video now!

There's also a couple of clips in there of me busting my ass skateboarding, which is funny, I guess :'(

All in all, we had a blast filming with the GoPro5. Unfortunately, we had so much fun that we forgot to launch Bella's Youtube Channel , which we planned to do that day.

But guess what?

Bella's Page is up RIGHT NOW! If you're a girl that wants to develop a strong AND sexy physique or a man who want to learn how to help his woman get into the best shape of her life than I HIGHLY suggest you go subscribe to her Youtube channel. She will be giving out free fitness advice to women who need help with:

  • Losing Fat
  • Gaining Muscle
  • Developing A Bigger Booty
  • Weight Training
  • Calisthenics
  •  And A Whole Lot More!

She's the strongest girl I ever met. Don't mess this up ladies, go subscribe now!

That's all for now, peace out yo!

Till next time,

Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC


I'm really excited about Bella's new Youtube Channel, and you should be to, it has been in development for a while now and we have a lot of cool things coming really soon that will blow your mind. Don't miss out, click here to subscribe now :)