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Turbocharge Your Metabolism With Sprinting HIIT

Forget about long drawn-out jogging. It's boring and less effective than HIIT. Here is how you can turbocharge your metabolism by using Sprinting HIIT.

For those who have been keeping up with my posts, it should be clear by now that I have no love for jogging or other light-paced cardio.

It’s simply ineffective.

Sure, you’ll burn fat, but sacrifice just as much muscle. This explains why so many marathoners and recreational joggers have that skinny-fat physique.

There are a number of ways to do cardio; it really doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you go at a high pace that leaves your gas tank totally depleted within a minute or less. This is why sprinting is a great cardio workout that you can incorporate into your HIIT routine.

Sprinting Routine

I’m always a big advocate of mixing things up. Sprinting a mile is a great alternative to traditional HIIT.

Here’s a fun sprinting exercise for you: If a track is available, then lace up your shoes and run one mile. You will gun it and sprint as if you were running from a bear on the long portion of the track and walk or jog when you hit the shorter, rounded portion of the track. This part is essentially your rest.

This workout is a lot more intense than running a full mile at a moderate pace even though you’re covering the same distance. Try it, and you will know what I mean.

If a track isn’t available, then you may also do the exercise on the treadmill. Select a speed that will have you sprinting and lower the speed to a walking or jogging pace at certain intervals before moving the speed up again.

Essentially, the 1-mile exercise will look something like this:

00-.20 Sprint
.20-.25 Walk/jog
.25-.45 Sprint
.45-.50 Walk/jog
.50-.70 Sprint
.70-.75 Walk/jog
.75-1.00 Sprint

The figures on the left correspond to the distance. You can change it up to suit your fitness level.

Other Sprinting Exercises

Man ready to run on the track

There are so many other variations you can incorporate. With the treadmill, instead of running one mile, slow the speed down a bit and raise the incline. Other ways to up the intensity includes wearing a weighted vest or donning a high altitude mask.

If you run on the tracks, then there may be a set of bleachers. Why not alternate between sprinting on the tracks and running uphill on the steps?

Running on the steps can even consist of the entire workout. You will zip up the steps as fast as you can and walk back down as your rest; rinse and repeat.

If you choose, you can also combine sprinting with your normal HIIT. In this case, a workout may look something like this:

Burpees 30 seconds
Rest 20 seconds
Sprint 30 seconds
Rest 20 seconds
Clapping pushups 30 seconds
Rest 20 seconds
Sprint 30 seconds
Rest 20 seconds
Russian twist 30 seconds
Rest 20 seconds
Sprint 30 seconds
Res t 60 seconds
Repeat cycle

Lace Up Your Sneakers

Assuming that your knees are in fairly good shape, sprinting for cardio is a terrific exercise that I recommend as a part of your fat lost routine..

When done in conjunction with a disciplined diet and a supplement like Tea Rexx, body fat will melt away..