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Inexpensive Healthy Meals: Eat Like a Champion Without Breaking the Bank

Eating healthy is often associated with spending lots of money. In this post, I am going to show you how you can eat healthy without breaking the bank...

Aside from the sometimes bland taste of healthy foods, the other reason that keeps people from eating healthy is the typically higher cost.

Generally, healthy foods do cost more than a lot of the processed crap that line store shelves. However, it is very much possible to stick to a clean diet and prepare inexpensive healthy meals while remaining within budget.

How to Save Money on Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store

Money Bag.

Sure, you can get Raman noodles for as little as 20 cents per bag in some places. Likewise, you can usually get heavily processed potted meat or Vienna Sausage at two cans for a dollar. You will hardly ever find canned tuna for that killer bargain.

There are a few ways, though, to save big while shopping. The first tip I would like to impart is to buy in bulk whenever there is a deal.

When it comes to meat and fish, it's smart to buy them in large quantities and store them in the freezer or vacuum seal them.

You should also look to do a lot of my shopping at places like Walmart or Costco where prices are generally lower compared to retail prices at supermarkets.

Aside from meats, though, a lot of other foods really aren’t that expensive.

Milk, for example, is fairly cheap; if you opt for the generic brand and skim variety, you can get a gallon for under $3.00.

For healthy carb sources, which include oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat bread, once again, opt for the generic brands. The quality is generally the same, so there is no point in paying extra for the more heavily advertised labels.

How Little You Can Spend on Food Each Day

I did some number crunching, and figured out a way to make your daily food intake is just under $10. That’s not bad considering that most meals at restaurants cost more than that.

Let me break down a typical day of meals you could have and the general cost of each:

Breakfast One cup milk, 2 scrambled eggs, ½ cup oatmeal, 1 fruit Average cost: under $2.00
Lunch Tuna sandwich on wheat bread, side serving of steamed vegetables, olive oil dressing, 1 fruit Average cost: $3.00
Dinner Lean steak, 1 medium-sized sweet potato, steamed vegetables, 1 cup milk Average cost $3.00

I didn't include snacks, but those meals are smaller and typically consist of a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit, and a glass of milk. The total cost of each of those comes out to less than $1.

As long as you shop for food the smart way, then you can prepare inexpensive healthy meals that won’t take a huge bite into your monthly budget.

I must point out, though, if you’re on a muscle building phase, then you will be spending a little bit more since you’ll be eating more than normal.

What About Organic?

There’s so much coOrganic natural food label design, vector illustration eps 10.ntroversy these days surrounding GMOs and the benefits of eating organic.

If there is a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s close to where you live, then by all means buy organic. Just keep in mind that they’re a lot more expensive.

If you want to save money on groceries, then going the organic route may not be the best option.

The most important thing it to stick with healthy options like fruits and vegetables. In other words, a whole piece of fruit is a heck of a lot better than canned fruit.

Between whole fruit, though, an organic variety may be better but not absolutely required for eating clean and building a lean and muscular body.

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Make You Broke

Some of the people I have coached included college students. If you attended university and lived on campus, then you know how important budgeting is.

Even when coaching students, I was able to formulate a detailed plan that outlined exactly what to buy at the grocery store. Under my tutelage, these young clients of mine were able to follow my dieting portion of my fitness program while staying within budget.

I can do the same for you through my meal customization service.

If you are serious about your nutrition and want me to personally design a meal plan catered towards your goals, then this is for you!.